10 Best Paying Degrees in Demand in 2022

Did you know that the average information security analyst makes around $104,000 each year? There are many great career options out there for you to consider when it comes to the best-paying degrees in the United States. Looking at these career paths is a great way to evaluate the best options for majors.

Many people encounter a fork in the road when they go off to college and have to decide about the types of degrees to pursue. You can always go down a career path that makes you happy even if the compensation isn’t great. The other option is to look at degrees with high salaries.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about degrees in health and degrees in information technologies that are in-demand and pay well. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

1. Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering

Getting your bachelor’s degree in software engineering is a great way to head down the career path of a software developer. You’ll learn all about how to design your own software from ground zero, and then you’ll learn how to test it to make sure that it works the way that you want it to.

There are a number of areas that you’ll learn about when you get a degree in software engineering. You’ll learn about computer architecture, make your own databases, and learn about the different operating systems.

You’ll also get compensated well for your skills and knowledge. Software engineers make around $107,000 each year. You can also get a cybersecurity associate degree as a way to get into this field.

2. Doctor of Medicine

If you want to be a physician then you should focus on earning your degree as a Doctor of Medicine. You’ll get to choose the healthcare field that appeals to you the most and you’ll get to help people in need.

Physicians are in high demand which means that you can command a large salary for your skills and knowledge. Most Doctors of Medicine make more than $200,000 each year in the United States of America.

3. Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is another option for the best paying degree that you can get. When you get this degree, you’re certified to work on all aspects of a patient’s mouth. You’ll need to get your bachelor’s degree first and then attend a dental school for four years after that.

After you graduate, you’ll have to pass the National Board Dental Exam and the state exam in order to become licensed to practice. Once you’re there, you can expect to make around $150,000 each year.

4. Bachelor of Science, Health Care Administration

This management degree is in high demand and pays well if you’re willing to work in order to get it. You’ll learn about how to run a health care clinic in an efficient manner and manage the business side of running a hospital or clinic.

There are expected to be more than 100,000 jobs open for people with this degree and the salary is around $100,000 each year.

5. Master of Science, in Nursing

Getting a Master of Science in Nursing puts you between someone with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and someone that is a physician’s assistant. There are a number of great career paths with this opens a number of career paths for you.

The most lucrative is working as a nurse practitioner. You’ll make close to $110,000 each year when you have a Master of Science in Nursing.

6. Master of Science, Physician’s Assistant

You can also become a physician’s assistant when you get your Master of Science degree. You get to perform all of the same duties as a nurse, a nurse practitioner, and some of the same duties as a medical doctor.

Qualified PAs are in high demand in the United States so this is one of the great degrees in health. You can also consider getting online degrees as a way to become a physician’s assistant. You’ll make around $112,000 each year with this job.

7. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Someone that earns their degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine has gained expertise in how to treat a number of ailments that animals suffer from. There is a strong demand for veterinarians in the United States of America.

There are only 28 veterinarian programs in the United States of America, which hasn’t helped the demand. You’ll make around $95,000 each year when you become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

8. Bachelor of Science, Data Science

Data science is an up-and-coming field that promises great money if you’re good at it. If you love numbers and enjoy solving puzzles then you’ll love learning all about data science.

You’ll learn about different programming languages and machine learning which will help businesses and governments alike. If you get your degree n data science then you can expect to make around $95,000 each year.

9. Master of Science in Statistics

Someone that becomes a Master of Science in Statistics is someone that is prepared to conquer society’s ills using data and statistics. Statisticians are in high demand in 2022 because many companies want to understand the data that they have from doing business.

You can expect to bring home a nice salary of $90,000 each year if you get your Master of Science in Statistics degree.

10. Language Pathology

If you want to help people while getting one of the best-paying degrees then you should look into language pathology. You’ll learn about different speech disorders and how to help people that suffer from them.

There is an increase in demand for speech pathologists due to the Baby Boomer generation. Getting a career in this field will earn you close to $80,000 each year.

Earn One of These Best-Paying Degrees

There are many different options for majors that pay well when you’re trying to choose a career path towards the best-paying degrees. There are degrees in health as well as degrees in technology. Each of these options is in demand and will provide you with a healthy salary to live on.

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