140+ FREE Dissertation Topics In 2020

The importance of writing a dissertation cannot be described. Don’t get me started. It is a unique opportunity for any academic to expand his or her horizons. Show how important your learning is, let your peers admire your work, and be proud of your academic achievements.

Thus, it is very important to choose a topic for a thesis. If you choose the wrong topic for your manuscript, you will face consequences such as lack of interest in research, lack of motivation to write the article, or lack of references to justify it. Choose the right topic and enjoy the exciting research process that will lead to a brilliant article that will receive the highest grade.

How do you choose a topic for a thesis? There are three ways to get it right:

1.Make a catalog of all the things you find interesting in your field of study.

Exclude topics that are not relevant to the current situation. Exclude ideas that have little reference for the paper. Exclude topics that have been extensively covered in previous research papers. Choose the best topic from the remaining ideas on the list.

2.Research and review topics online.

Think about exciting topics from a different angle. Personalize the ones you like best by making them your own ideas. Conduct a literature review and choose the most appropriate topic for your thesis research.

3.Use a list compiled by other authors.

Why waste time searching for topics on the Internet? Use the ideas we have already collected for you. Use the chosen topic without changing it or give your part by rewriting it.

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The main topics of the dissertation on education in 2020

Want to find interesting and unique thesis topics in the field of education? Check out our list.

15 theses on education-related topics

  1. Should doctoral students be able to form alliances?
  2. Early childhood education: key challenges.
  3. What are parents’ initial objections to sending their children to kindergarten?
  4. Do children learn from their social relationships with their teachers?
  5. How do universities justify the “value for money” of their courses?
  6. The importance of play in promoting beginning literacy.
  7. The importance of the role of online homeschooling.
  8. The question of whether or not parents should punish their children.
  9. Is teaching a profession or a vocation?
  10. Why do students in private schools have better averages?
  11. Classification of listening styles in the university age group.
  12. The importance of sex education.
  13. How does school influence childhood obesity?
  14. Should schools be segregated based on race, religion or gender?
  15. How religious education can increase racial intolerance.

15 thesis topics in psychology

  1. Is there a natural way to deal with stress?
  2. Natural causes of violent behavior.
  3. Antisocial personality disorder: proven treatments.
  4. The phenomenon of false memories.
  5. Strategic approaches to the treatment of traumatized children.
  6. The negative impact of procrastination in adolescents.
  7. The influence of the failure of intimate relationships on behavioral patterns.
  8. Treat addiction as a cause of insomnia.
  9. Online gambling: the invisible disease of the 21st century.
  10. Prevention of child sexual abuse.
  11. How contact with nature affects mental health.
  12. Persuasion, advocacy and marketing.
  13. Is divorce counseling helpful?
  14. How does grief affect family well-being?
  15. Why do people have trouble with memories?

15 thesis topics in computer science

  1. Online help with support services.
  2. Is there a universal programming language?
  3. Reliability of digital security: best practices and key gaps.
  4. Computer viruses in 2020: how they have evolved since 2000.
  5. Encryption is the most effective way to ensure the security of information on the Internet.
  6. Machine learning and natural language processing.
  7. Bioinformatics and computational bioinformatics.
  8. AI: convolutional neural networks.
  9. Internet of Things.
  10. Mathematical foundations of computer science.
  11. Applications of artificial intelligence in robotics.
  12. Confidentiality that ensures privacy when publishing important data.
  13. The means to control dynamic robots.
  14. Paid computer journalism.
  15. Forensics and Information Security.

10 thesis topics in world history

  1. We have learned from the lessons of the world wars.
  2. The Yalta Conference as one of the most important events of World War II.
  3. The lives of Roman leader Julius Caesar and Nicholas II: key similarities and differences.
  4. What brought Hitler to power?
  5. The rise of independent African countries.
  6. The sexual revolution: causes and consequences.
  7. Civil Rights Movement.
  8. The events that triggered the Hundred Years’ War.
  9. What are the main results of the scientific revolution?
  10. Can we end the Cold War early?

10 thesis topics on American history

  1. Unions, conflicts and strikes in the 1800s.
  2. India’s deportation law: what are the reasons for its adoption?
  3. Civil War: strengths and weaknesses of the South and the North.
  4. Women’s contribution to the civil war.
  5. The Spanish-American War: Major Causes and Consequences.
  6. JFK assassination: who is to blame?
  7. A history of American unions.
  8. Colonization of the Americas.
  9. The phenomenon of hippie culture in American history.
  10. Immigration to the United States since 1965: Major Causes and Consequences.

15 thesis topics in journalism

  1. How has Bollywood changed the cultural economy of India?
  2. What influence do journalists have on politics?
  3. How are women journalists treated in different countries?
  4. How does the media help build a country’s image?
  5. Can modern media exist without advertising?
  6. Communication in the Digital Domain.
  7. Environmental discourse through the cultural prism.
  8. Privacy and journalism.
  9. What is the future of newspapers?
  10. What is the danger of misinformation spread by the media?
  11. The role of journalism in destroying and shaping the image of nations.
  12. Explain the role of social media in modern journalism.
  13. The ethics of journalism.
  14. Is the web destroying the true spirit of journalism?
  15. Barack Obama’s staff analysis and media model.

15 literary thesis topics

  1. The origin of the novel.
  2. How realism emerged in 19th century literature.
  3. Themes of climate change in early English literature.
  4. A discussion of the author’s meaning in his own story.
  5. Politics in fiction from 1900 to 2000.
  6. The difficulty of reading the text from a feminist perspective.
  7. The globalization of nature on Shakespeare’s stage.
  8. How the genre was represented in gothic novels.
  9. Analysis of the impact of electronic publishing on libraries.
  10. The concept of romance in the modern world.
  11. The role of the digital revolution in English literature.
  12. William Shakespeare’s most important work.
  13. Charles Dickens and his following Lore.
  14. The role comedy plays in literary creation.
  15. Would you want English literature if there were no Shakespeare?

10 thesis topics in the field of media and communication

  1. What is the role of social media in mass communication?
  2. Data security breaches.
  3. Sexual attraction in the communications industry.
  4. Communication technologies, opportunities and livelihoods.
  5. A legal discussion of celebrity privacy rights.
  6. Are video blogs the new diaries?
  7. Terrorism in the media and ways to combat it.
  8. Reports on concerns during the U.S. presidential election.
  9. Cultural values, stories and myths in soap operas.
  10. Influence Trading: How Instagram has changed the way we see things today.

10 thesis topics in sociology

  1. Athletic privilege and lack of conviction.
  2. An analysis of cultural disadvantage in the millennial society in the United States.
  3. An examination of Marx’s theory of conflict in education.
  4. Determine the influence of religion on marriage.
  5. A critical analysis of the communist model.
  6. The main idea of “Big Fat Indian Wedding”.
  7. Women’s empowerment in a conservative society.
  8. Race, nationality and ethnicity: key issues in 2020
  9. Representation of femininity in television advertising.
  10. What are the barriers that minority immigrants face and how can they be overcome?

10 Scientific thesis topics and dissertations

  1. The importance of information technology in the field of biomedicine.
  2. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  3. From biological information to computers: global evolution.
  4. Should addiction be treated with advances in science?
  5. The future of pharmacology in cancer treatment.
  6. Reducing the effects of nuclear power and radiation.
  7. Impact of environmental governance on biodiversity management in third world countries?
  8. Scientific influence on nutrition in different countries.
  9. Research and development efforts for drugs with proven efficacy.
  10. Can data mining technology be used to help consumers?

15 theses and dissertation topics in the field of fine arts

  1. An exploration of 3D technology in cinema.
  2. Design as Art.
  3. Evolution in the visual arts.
  4. Printing technology and ephemera in product design.
  5. Visual storytelling techniques with proven effectiveness.
  6. Can video blogs be considered works of art?
  7. Perceptions of Pop Art in American History.
  8. Prospects for the use of art in technology.
  9. Figma vs. Sketch: the user interface tool of the future.
  10. Efficient sequencing of film titles: a challenge for modern designers.
  11. The evolution of poster design.
  12. Islamic artists and the influence of religion on their work.
  13. Street Arts as a 21st Century Movement.
  14. The future of arts education.
  15. Language barriers in the visual arts and how to overcome them.

The best way to find a thesis topic is to ….

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