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As students progress through their education, they should also experience the excitement of learning and experimentation that comes with it. To make sure your course is exciting for everyone, try these three tools to create interactive posters and visuals: Canva, Photoshop Elements & GIMP!

The “interactive digital poster ideas” is a tool that allows users to create interactive posters and visuals for their classes. This tool provides a variety of templates, shapes, and colors. It also has a search bar for finding images from the web.

1 February 2014

Interactive graphics are excellent learning and teaching tools to utilize in the classroom with your pupils. Interactive visuals are an excellent method to consolidate students’ learning and improve their understanding, from teaching complex procedures to visual brainstorming. I’ve included three online tools for generating interactive graphics below; I’m sure there are more to add to this list, but the ones below are, in my opinion, more student-friendly and easier to use.




This website is fantastic. Thinglink enables you to bring your photos to life and make them interactive by adding links, movies, music, and text to them. Your pictures may be uploaded from your hard drive or imported from the web, Flickr, or Facebook into your Thinglink account. ThingLink pictures may be shared and embedded on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and email with a single click.

2- PiktoChart (PiktoChart)


Another fantastic online tool for creating interactive graphics and posters for your class is this one. PiktoChart offers a variety of templates to select from, all of which may be customized to your liking. It also allows you to include links to pictures and text in your layouts. Your finished picture may be shared on major social media platforms or downloaded. However, the free edition is restricted in terms of the number of themes available as well as the number of picture uploads allowed.

Glogster is the third option.


Glogster is a social media platform that enables users to make interactive posters, or Glogs, for free. A “Glog,” which stands for “graphics blog,” is a multimedia picture that may be interacted with. Glogster provides the technology for educators and students to create online multimedia posters that include text, pictures, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments, and more.

The “interactive poster template” is a tool that lets you create interactive posters and visuals for your class. It helps students learn about the content better, and it can also be used to create presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some interactive tools?

A: Interactive tools are very important aspects of a lot of scientific research. They help scientists conduct experiments and collect data on their subjects. Many social science fields also use these devices to create new ways for students to participate in learning activities more closely related with the subject material being taught.

How do you make interactive posters?

A: I use Adobe Illustrator to create my posters.

How do I make an interactive PowerPoint poster?

A: To make an interactive PowerPoint, you must first have a dynamic computer in front of the screen. Then, go to Powerpoints slide options and choose slide size. This will allow you to change your slides into posters.

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