4+ Resignation Letter Format In English With Sample Letters

The format of the feedback letter is in English: We are here to share with you 4+ best English resignation letter formats that will help you easily write a good resignation letter that will also show your personality in your official life.

The last 4 formats of resignation letters in English with sample letters

Format of the English personal feedback letter


25. March 2020

Mr. Director, Sri Cement Ltd.

Subject: – Suspension due to his father’s illness.


It is a humble request to work for your company for 5 years. My entire family lives in my native village in Rajasthan. As time went on, my father’s health declined more and more.

So I have to go to the village to look after him, and I have other work to do in the meantime.

So I have to tender my resignation to your company. Therefore, I request that you accept my resignation on the last day of my employment at _______ [date of transfer].

Thank you.

Kind regards

Name] Mahipal
[Subject] Clerk

How to write a letter of re-initiation

Kuldeep Singh
Junior Accountant

25. March 2020

Mr. Director,
Jindal TMT Bars Ltd.

Subject: – For dismissal from a job as a result of selection by a government agency.


It is a humble request, I am Kuldeep Singh and I have been working as a junior accountant in your company for the past three years. I have been selected for the post of Accountant in Government Accounts in Delhi. I am taking over this position next month, so I am resigning from my position as a junior accountant.

I learned a lot from your company, but now I want to go into public service. You are therefore requested to accept my letter of resignation.

My last day of service will be _________ [transfer date].

Thank you.

With respect,

Kuldeep Singh
[position] Junior Accountant

Transfer letter for teachers of English

Vikram Verma Teacher, English teacher,

25. March 2020

The headmaster of Amity School in Mumbai,

Subject: – Forced removal from teaching position.


It is a humble request, I am Vikram Verma and I have been working in your school as an English teacher for 3 years. I learned a lot and gained a lot of experience in this position.

I hereby inform you that I have been selected as a public school English teacher and therefore will no longer be able to continue my service to your school.

So, if you ask me to accept my resignation from _____ [resignation date], I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Vikram Verma
[Post] English teacher

Format of an English letter to change the company name

Virendra SharmaClerk,

25. March 2020

Mr. Venkatesh, Director

XYZ Pvt Ltd

Subject: Suspension for selection in another company as a director.


I sincerely request you that I have been working as an employee of (name of position) in your company XYZ Pvt. for 5 years. Ltd. (Company Name). I’ve got your company on 25. June 2015. I was chosen to be a director of another company. (Write down the reason you left the old company).

Therefore, please accept my resignation from __________ [effective date]. That would be so nice of you.

Good luck, sir,

You’re right. You’re right,

Virendra Sharma [name]
Clerk [function]
[mobile phone number]

Format of the English transmittal letter

Ravi SharmaDirector

25. March 2020

Mr. Rahul, CEO of XYZ Pvt Ltd, Mumbai,

Subject: The end of the job.


I am sincerely applying for a job as General Manager (name of position) in your company XYZ Pvt. Ltd. for the past 6 years. (Company Name).

I’m starting a new business with my friends. (Write down the reason you left the old company).

Therefore, please accept my resignation from __________ [effective date]. That would be so nice of you.

Good luck, sir,

You’re right. You’re right,

Ravi Sharma [name]
Director-General [title]
[mobile phone number]

Elements subject to reclassification

(1) If you quit a job, make sure your second job is good and profitable.

(2) In your cover letter, describe your experience and work history.

(3) When you deliver the notification letter to your supervisor, meet with him/her in person and share your experience with him/her, try to resolve any disagreements, and desire to work with him/her again in the future.

(4) After you resign, get to know your colleagues. If you are bitter towards them, apologize to them and resign happily.

(5) All colleagues who are not involved in litigation must be dealt with on the last day and systematically transfer their work to another colleague.

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