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The Earth is a magnificent and precious place. Humans are destroying it with reckless abandon. Read this essay to learn how you can help save our planet for future generations by taking action today, using 〈500 words short essay〉

This essay will be about how to save our environment and why we should do it. It will also explain the word “save” with a story from my life. This is not an easy task so please take your time reading this introduction paragraph, as well as try to absorb what I am saying in the entirety of my 500 words.-The “200 word essay save our environment” is a short, easy-to-read article that discusses how to reduce your carbon footprint. It includes some easy steps you can take in order to help the environment.



The most essential factor in living and growing a life is the environment. We are all acquainted with the term “environment,” which refers to all of the natural elements that surround us, such as air, water, plants, animals, and other living creatures.

It has an impact on our day-to-day lives on the planet. It has a flawless life cycle in order to maintain a healthy equilibrium in the environment.


To live a great life cycle, the environment supplies us with numerous and healthy natural things, however the ecosystem is being harmed as a result of human actions.

Increasing Public AwarenessEnglish-Essay-On-Environment-For-Students-038-Children-In-Simple

This is a subject that has to be discussed since it is both essential and sensitive. More debate will raise human understanding of the need to protect our environment.

What impact does our environment have? As a result of our higher quality of life, we are producing more air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and land pollution as a result of cars, manufacturing businesses, construction, and other factors.

Human Responsibilities500-Word-Essay-Save-our-Environment-For-Students-in-Easy

We, as humans, are filthy creatures that toss trash wrappers and empty polythene bags on the streets and in public areas, polluting the environment.

This little item subsequently creates a large quantity of trash, which then breeds germs that harm the lives of humans and other living things. Air pollution is also becoming worse as a result of cars.

This air pollution pollutes the air, which has an impact on human health by increasing illness in the body, as well as the ozone layer.


Manufacture-Related Issues


In this March 10, 2010 file picture, smoke billows from chimneys at a chemical plant in Hefei, Anhui province. The Global Carbon Project study by major research institutions stated on September 21, 2014 that global carbon dioxide emissions would reach a record high this year, propelled by China’s development and putting the world well off track from the substantial cutbacks required to prevent climate change. UN-CLIMATE CHANGE-CARBON/ REUTERS/Stringer/Files (CHINA – Tags: ENVIRONMENT BUSINESS INDUSTRIAL POLITICS) to match UN-CLIMATE CHANGE-CARBON/ REUTERS/Stringer/Files (CHINA – Tags: ENVIRONMENT BUSINESS INDUSTRIAL POLITICS)

Some businesses dump their chemicals into bodies of water. As a result, it pollutes our water, leading to a slew of illnesses. And, by listening to loud music, we are contributing to noise pollution, which is harmful to both our health and the environment.

All of these things make us sick and unhealthy, but in order to live a great life, we must be healthy, which requires a healthy atmosphere. We get awareness through the many street plays, dramas, and films.

Being informed is not enough to preserve the environment; we must also take action to protect the environment. Not only is it possible to safeguard it by just speaking some inspiring words and raising awareness, but everyone should begin doing something.

How Can We Help the Environment?1625967203_451_Essay-On-Importance-Of-Water-Conservation-For-Class-4-Students

We can help the environment by avoiding dumping trash on the highways or in public areas, or by reducing our use of private cars and increasing our usage of public transit.

We should also be mindful of businesses. In addition, we must utilize numerous eco-friendly and recyclable items in our daily lives. We should develop technology that is both environmentally friendly and capable of assisting in environmental protection.

Saving the environment is not a simple task; it will require a lot of time, energy, and effort. A small group of people or one individual cannot make a significant difference.

Everyone should get together and begin working to preserve the environment. It is our duty to keep it clean and healthy, and everyone should remember this. For us, the environment is the most essential thing, and we must protect it.


“How to save environment essay spm” is a 500 word essay that provides students with an easy-to-understand introduction to how the Earth’s resources are being used. Reference: how to save environment essay spm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can students do to save the environment essay?

A: Students can save the environment by recycling newspapers, cans, bottles and plastics. They can also reduce their carbon footprint by using public transportation instead of driving vehicles. Lastly they should plant trees to help prevent global warming

Is a 500 word essay easy?

A: No, it is not easy. 500 words essay takes a lot of time and knowledge to complete. It would be best if you had been taking college-level English classes for at least 2 years before attempting an assignment like this one.

What is the easiest way to write a 500 word essay?

A: I have no idea what an essay is, but you can use wikipedia to look up how many words are in a 500 word essay.

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