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There are lots of ways out there to generate writing prompts. Some might be more effective than others, depending on what you’re looking for when generating your prompt. Here’s how six sites can help get the creative juices flowing!

The “writer igniter reading challenge” is a tool that generates writing prompts for personal or classroom use. It was created by the author of Writer Igniter, which is another good tool if you are looking for ways to spark your creativity.

Every piece of writing begins with a concept that is then developed and elaborated, but coming up with topics to write about isn’t always simple, especially when you’re teaching several courses. Digital writing prompts come in useful in this situation. These are websites that may help you come up with narrative ideas and beginnings for your pupils to write about. I’ve put up a list of some of these resources for you below; have a look. 1- Points to Consider


Kids’ Things to Think On is a collection of 100 prompts for writing answers and discussions about ideas and problems for children. It may be utilized in schools or with families by enabling youngsters to explore the prompts and utilizing them to lead a conversation or lesson. It was created by students and teachers in Michigan.


This is a useful tool for coming up with fresh ideas for short stories, plays, or any other kind of writing project. To create a tale beginning, just click the “click here for a random story phrase” button, and you’ll be given a fresh idea. 


Another great tool for writing prompts is Plinky. Plinky asks users to answer a question every day, and users may include photos, maps, playlists, and other media in their responses. Popular social networking networks and big blogging platforms may also be used to share answers.


Schoolastic has created a narrative starting tool. This utility operates in a very straightforward manner. First, choose a narrative starting topic from the four options: adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and scrambler. Next, put in your name and grade; to receive a Story Starter, click the SPIN lever to turn all four wheels, or use the SPIN THIS WHEEL buttons to spin one wheel at a time. When you’ve found the story beginning you’re looking for, select a format for your tale: notebook, letter, newspaper, or postcard, and begin typing.


With a single click, Imagination Prompt may create random tale beginnings. There is no need to register or download any software; everything is done via the internet. It functions similarly to the Story Starter tool described above.


This is how Boom Writer, a popular site that offers tale beginnings, works:

  • The first chapter of a book serves as a narrative start. You are in charge of the remainder of the narrative.
  • A professional writer, a teacher, you or your students, or even a celebrity may compose the story’s beginning.
  • Take the narrative in whatever direction you choose. Your creativity and a word count are the only constraints. Other BoomWriters will be writing their own versions of what occurs next at the same time.
  • You submit your submission for evaluation once you’re finished.
  • You and the other BoomWriters decide which entry is the best.

The “best writing tools for toddlers” is a question that has been asked many times. These 6 tools will help you to create prompts and get your creative juices flowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of writing tools?

A: There are many writing tools. One of the most common ones is a pen and paper, while some other examples include word processors, drawing programs, or even paintbrushes on a computer screen.

What are some good writing prompts?

A: Here are some writing prompts that can help you get ideas for your next story or novel. https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/2157653

What are writing tools?

A: Writing tools are a variety of objects that include pens, brushes, or pencils used to make marks on paper.

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