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9 Awesome Group Text Messaging Tools for Educators

The class parrot is a group text messaging tool that allows educators to send messages to their students. It is customizable and has many features.

Teachers may use group text messaging to communicate material, notifications, reminders, assignments, and more with their students. They may also utilize this tool to form groups with parents of students and keep them informed about their children’s development. We’ve put up a list of some of the programs that you may use to send group text messages.

Take a look at these resources:

1- ClassParrot ClassParrot is a fantastic group messaging app that enables instructors to contact their students right away. It may be used for a variety of reasons, including alerting students of impending examinations, providing homework updates, and notifying students of future events.

2- ClassPager Teachers may use this texting tool to engage students in group conversations and send out updates and information to both students and their parents.

gText 3 This, like Classpager, is a free group messaging program.

4- Kikutext Kikutext is a program that allows instructors to connect with parents through text messaging in order to improve student performance.

5- Remind101 This is a free program that allows instructors to send text messages to pupils and communicate with parents.

6- Sendhub is a group text messaging service that enables users to send text messages to individuals and groups of any size. 7- BeGrouped This tool, as its name implies, makes it simple to form a group and interact with one another in a smooth and easy manner. It also works with the majority of major mobile phone providers.

SMS Matrix (numbering system) (numbering system) (number SMSMatrix may be used to send group messages. Simple text, voice, or even text-to-speech communications may be sent.

Swaggle 9 This is a free SMS messaging service that allows you to send text messages to many people at the same time. Messages may be sent immediately from a mobile phone or through the internet.

The remind app is a group text messaging tool that allows users to send messages in bulk. It also has other features like reminders, polls, and more.

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