Example of an essay on family

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Family is the main component of every person’s life. If we hear this word, it immediately becomes warm in our hearts, we remember our loved ones and relatives who are waiting for us at home. Your family accepts you as you are, unlike the rest of your surroundings. Each member of the family plays a special role. These are the people who contribute a lot to the formation of the personality. A person without a family is like a tree without a root.

Many works of literature touch upon the topic of family and relationships in it. In the story of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol “Taras Bulba” reveals the problem of personality formation and shows two sides of the influence of the family. Two brothers Andriy and Ostap grow up in the family of the Cossack Taras Bulba. For Ostap, the image of his father is very important. Since childhood, the young man has been doing everything he is taught by his parent. He takes on character traits such as courage and perseverance. The father was instilled with a sense of patriotism. This contributed to the fact that Ostap was worthy of standing up for his homeland. On the other hand, too much pressure from Taras on Andrii’s side caused him to run away from home and break the rules of his kind. He did not want to build his life the way his father had told him to. This proves how differently education can affect people’s lives.

The comedy of Denis Ivanovich Fonvizin “Nedorosl” also shows the influence of the family. Mitrofanushka is one of the main characters, the son of the landlords Prostakovs. He does not know what he wants from life. Compressed by his mother’s care and care, the boy grows up to be a lazy and independent man. A woman tries to tie her son to herself. The mother is blinded by her love for her son so much that she does not see her son growing up undersized. She solves all the problems for him, so Mitrofanushka did not need to make any effort to do so. Thus, in the play by D.I.Fonvizin blind mother’s love did not allow the main character to develop.

The theme of the family remains relevant at all times. We see how much influence the family members have on what kind of person the child becomes, what qualities and character traits he acquires. Sometimes education has a positive effect, but this does not always happen. Thus, the family is responsible for the way in which the individual becomes a person.

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