Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

If you are looking for the perfect course that can help you achieve great career goals and provide you with a good salary after completing the course, Bachelor of Engineering is the best course to choose. BE is one of the most popular courses for undergraduate students and also one of the most diverse offered in India.

In this article, we will discuss the BE course in detail so that you can decide whether or not you should opt for it after your degree. In addition to providing ideal career prospects at the end of the course, it also provides students with brilliant knowledge in their field. The best thing about the BE course is that it is offered in different streams. Depending on your interests and the availability of courses in your preferred university, you can easily choose the best BE course for you. So spend a few minutes on the article to get the best information about the BE course and then decide if you should choose it.

Bachelor of Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Education: Overview

The BE is a doctoral course for students who have completed the 12th grade. Have completed the school year with a research major and are in good academic standing. This course is suitable for students who are interested in the field of engineering and want to earn money and build a good reputation after completing the course.

BE students not only have excellent career prospects after graduation, but also excellent opportunities to continue their education. Students can pursue an MBA or a more detailed engineering degree in their field. Unlike many other programs, the BE is a four-year program divided into eight semesters. Overall, the BE program is an excellent choice for students seeking excellent career opportunities after graduation.

Bachelor of Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Education: Eligibility and other requirements

As mentioned earlier, a BE is a graduate degree that you can obtain after graduation. The BE course requires students to have taken a science course in Grade 12 and achieved a minimum grade of 65%. If you have the opportunity, you can enroll in the pre-engineering test conducted by the state government or enroll in the AIEEE or other equivalent exams. After you receive your scorecard, you can register for a college orientation session that will help you gain admission to the college and engineering program of your choice.

In addition to PET tests, some colleges offer college interviews and performance placement tests, which can help you get scholarships. So, if you want to pursue a powerful and career-oriented education, BE is the perfect option for you.

Bachelor of Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Education: Training programme

The curriculum varies considerably depending on the university and the course you choose. In this section we will discuss the general program that you will discover during your course. In the first year of the BE degree, you will learn general engineering subjects that will provide you with knowledge in almost all areas of engineering. The main subjects start in the second year of study.

  • Engineering Mathematics : I, II, III
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering concepts
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • physical engineering
  • Technical drawing
  • Computer programming: I, II

You will also find some core courses related to your specialties, such as network analysis, transmission and mechanical engineering, civil and structural engineering, and many others. Overall, the BE is an excellent course for gaining knowledge in a particular area.

In addition to detailed university textbooks, there are a number of national and international authors who offer brilliant reference books on engineering disciplines, so it will not be difficult to gain knowledge of topics and concepts during your studies.

Bachelor of Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Education: Compensation structure

Tuition for an engineering degree varies significantly depending on the program you choose and the university you choose. In general, the fee structure for the EB is around 50,000 to 80,000 per year. However, this applies to private and reputable institutions. If you can get into a public engineering school, the cost will be about 25,000 to 45,000 per year.

Besides the normal fee structure, you can also opt for scholarships if the college supports any of the scholarships available for their courses. For this, consider talking to a university administrator and see if you can relax a bit on a fee basis.

Tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree depend largely on the institution and the university. To know the exact amount of your degree, you need to consult the university administration once.

Bachelor of Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Education: Universities and institutes

As mentioned earlier, BE is a popular course in India after 12th level. And due to its huge popularity, you can easily find hundreds of colleges all over India. This not only makes it easier for students to graduate, but also helps them find the best college for their budget. Whether you live in a state capital or a second-tier city, there are a few universities you can absolutely count on.

Since the BE is a career-oriented degree, we recommend that you choose the right institution for you based on your placement history, resources for your chosen engineering direction, and the quality of education offered.

A university internship is very important for the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the college that has the best placement rates and invites companies with the best profile for students. This will help you get the best career opportunities during the course.

Apart from the colleges in your city and state, there are several top engineering colleges in India, which are famous for their engineering courses. Some of these are listed below. Take a look and then decide which branch best suits you and your budget.

  • MIT Delhi
  • IT Bombay
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • BITS Pilani

Bachelor of Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Education: Advanced training

The BE offers students not only excellent knowledge and career opportunities, but also great opportunities for graduate studies. If you want to gain more knowledge in this field and have even better career opportunities after working in higher education, you can opt for an MBA, ME (Master of Engineering) or M.Tech (Master of Technology). After getting a PG in engineering, you can further improve your career prospects and salary.

Bachelor of Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Education:  Career opportunities

After obtaining the BE, you can easily start working in a company related to your field. After graduation, you can join the company as an engineer. After completing the training, you can easily get a starting salary of 4.2-6.0 lakhs in a reputed company. Based on your skills and academic performance, you can easily get the ideal job profile in a company in your field.

These are some of the occupational profiles you can choose after graduating from the BE.

  • Designer
  • Quality controller
  • Development Engineer
  • IT Architect
  • Professor
  • Software Engineer

Some companies that regularly recruit engineers

  • Infosys
  • Accenture
  • Tata Industry
  • Trust

In addition, there are regular vacancies for engineering graduates in the public sector. Whether you want a well-paid private job or a stable and reliable job in the government, the BE is the right course for you.

Bachelor of Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Education: Should you vote?

And now, the most important question. Whether to pick the BE after the 12th or not. The answer is: If you meet the attendance requirements, you must attend the course. With good career opportunities after graduation and an excellent starting salary, the BE is the ideal degree for you. With a brilliant course structure and better job opportunities, as well as many other options to choose from, the BE can be seen as an open door to opportunities. Whatever your future plans, BE will be an interesting course. Try a good current that has potential for the future, and you can be sure to earn a good salary and the respect of your friends for working in a reputable company with a good job profile.

If you are looking for better opportunities, a good salary and a stable life, BE can be a good education to pursue after age 12. And if you find that you need more in-depth knowledge in this area, there are additional courses and certification courses that will help you gain more knowledge in this area.


Here is the full information on the BE course and whether or not you should take it. If you want a good career opportunity immediately after graduating and are looking for a good starting salary, the BE can be an attractive degree. Just choose the right college and you can get better career opportunities and expertise.

frequently asked questions

Which course is most useful in engineering?

b-tech items are very expensive….

Does information engineering have a scope?

The job description for B. Tech Information Science Engineering graduates is similar to that of an information technology engineer. … The B. Tech Information Science Engineering curriculum is designed to maximize the employment opportunities of graduates of this program.

How to find a job after 12 years. Class for BTech?

What are the selection criteria for the BE/BTech? A. Candidates were required to take examinations at a recognized school in the twelfth grade with physics, chemistry and mathematics as major subjects. They had to achieve a minimum mark of 60% in the above subjects combined.


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