BBE Course Details: Eligibility, Syllabus, Salary, Fees, Scope and more

The BBE or Bachelor of Business Economics is a good course that can help you build a good career. This is an excellent course that can help you find a good job after graduation. Although it is offered at few institutions, many students still dream of a career in this field. This is a full-time, three-year course that can be taken after 10+2.  The BBE serves as a foundation course for students who want to pursue a good career in finance and business.

In a number of cases, students who started their career at BBE were placed in different divisions of national and international companies. Most business analyst firms or investment banks prefer to take students with BBE experience. Gradually, the scope of this theme is expanding into the area of employment. A good percentage of students are hired through on-campus interviews and other jobs. It is preferred that the student come from a good convent or English high school. You can easily understand a subject and know it very well.

Students are considered to have a chance to get into the best and highest ranked universities if they perform better in the entrance exams. Therefore, you should always try to get a higher score on the screening test. The best way to pass the entrance test is to practice and take different types of practice exams.

BBE exchange rate in India

Eligibility criteria

Those who want to make a good career within BBE can register for this course. It is important to check the eligibility criteria for a course before enrolling. A brief discussion on this topic will help clarify things. Now let’s review the basic selection criteria for participation in this course.

  • The candidate must have completed 10+2 or equivalent courses.
  • The candidate must obtain at least 50% of the marks in the 10+2 examination.
  • Candidates who have a commercial job in the 10+2 have the biggest advantage. They are perfect for this class.
  • The candidate also has to take the entrance tests for the various universities and colleges. The test is conducted to verify the skills and knowledge of the participants. You have to score a minimum percentage of points to pass the exam. Many colleges call this exam a screening test.
  • Candidates may not lose in any subject, in any class. Training should be clean and good. In many colleges, the authorities attach particular importance to the education of the students.

Training program

Let’s look at the curriculum. A short lecture will help students become familiar with the subject. The three-year course is divided into six semesters.

Semester I:

  • Microeconomic analysis 1.
  • Mathematics for economics and business.
  • Corporate Communications.
  • Management Informatics (internship)

Semester II:

  • Microeconomic analysis 1.
  • Business and economic statistics
  • Economics of banking and finance.
  • Spreadsheets for business and economics 1 (practical course)

Third semester:

  • Public finances
  • Macroeconomic policies and applications
  • Research methodology
  • Spreadsheets for Business and Economics 2 (practical course)
  • Computer Science: Sensible (practical)

Semester IV :

  • Accounting and management
  • Organization and working environment
  • International Economics Finance
  • SPSS-1 Informatics (hands-on course)
  • Calculation of -1 (practical)

Semester V :

  • India’s economic development since independence
  • Legal aspects of the company
  • Econometrics
  • SPSS21 Informatics (practical)
  • Tally 21 Informatics (Stage)

Semester VI :

  • India’s financial system
  • Development of the economic system
  • The economy of growth
  • operational research
  • Courses / Summaries UG and Viva


By the end of the course, most students are well placed in various organizations. It will be very useful to know the salaries of the students according to their job description. It will be helpful to discuss the job profile and salary envelope.

  • The head of accounting is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the organization. The annual salary of the candidate is estimated at Rs 3,20,000.
  • The CFO also manages the finances but is also involved in gathering information about the risks that the company may face. The annual salary is expected to be Rs. 3.50.000.
  • A financial accountant should keep the accounts of the organization. His annual salary is Rs 4,00,000.
  • The economic analyst is responsible for forecasting domestic and international fiscal developments. His job description is very important. His annual salary is about Rs.3,80,000.
  • The company’s revenue growth is largely due to the Business Development Executive. He must plan certain strategies to increase activity. His annual salary is 2,90,000 rupees.


There may be some confusion about the cost of the course. It would be correct to say that the fee structure of the colleges varies primarily according to their infrastructure and other matters. However, the average annual cost of the course starts at Rs.16,500 and rises to Rs.60,000. It mostly depends on the university you were accepted to. No two colleges will have the same fee structure.


It is important to note that students should aim for a lucrative career. However, students who choose BBE as their major have several options. They can choose the one that suits them best in all respects. The future scale is brighter and better than the other units.

  • The first thing they can do after a bachelor’s degree in business administration is to get a master’s degree in business administration or a master’s degree in economics. This is a specialized course that can provide and create a deeper understanding of the subject. Students will be able to study in-depth international trade and economics. Sometimes students also learn how to use software and make statistical predictions.
  • If you want, you can also do an MBA in finance. It could make his career so much better and brighter. This course will enable the candidate to get a good position in the business world. An MBA degree is also important to increase your salary. It is also possible to continue working after the online registration. However, recruiters prefer an MBA with a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • In many cases, students can also gain more knowledge about the subject by studying it methodically in masters and doctoral programs. As a result, the BBA’s future and opportunities are much better.
  • Most students get a good job after graduation. Many large business centers are always looking for young and talented candidates for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. They can contribute to the improvement of business operations by introducing new concepts and strategies. They are recorded in interviews on campus. Students also prefer this solution because it allows them to earn a small salary while offering good prospects.

Difference between BBE and BBS

In this regard, it can be said that there is a difference between BBE and BBS.  The BBE is a subject or course that focuses on the study of international and contemporary economic trends and historical economic trends. On the other hand, the BBS is mainly aimed at building a solid foundation of students in accounting, marketing, and related disciplines.

The content and the way the two subjects are studied are clearly different. The topics are very different.  The fee structures of the two courses are also different. The BBE rate costs between 12,000 and 3,00,000 rupees, while the BBS rate costs between 12,000 and 1,00,000 rupees.  Admission to BBE courses is mainly through screening tests. Admission to BBS courses is based on merit. That’s the big difference in this course.

Wrap it up:

So from the above discussion, it can be easily concluded that if you are pursuing a good career in your life, it is best to opt for vocational training. In this case, BBE may be a better option. This will help make your workplace a better place to work. The BBE wants to be a leading sector, especially in the financial and economic world. This is the kind of course that can help you build a good reputation in the business world. The three-year course contains many interesting topics that students will enjoy. It provides in-depth knowledge for students who enjoy learning about finance and economics.  BBE is always a good subject for students who have a purpose in life. It may still be the right choice.


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