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What is the death penalty?

The death penalty, also known as the death penalty, is a government-approved practice whereby a person is sentenced to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. The punishment that someone should receive in this way is called a death sentence, while the process of carrying out the sentence is called execution. Crimes punishable by death are called capital crimes or crimes punishable by death. debate on the death penalty, essay, article, round table

debate on the death penalty, essay, article, round table, benefits

If there are people who support the death penalty, then there are people who want to abolish it.

Disadvantages of capital punishment

From the point of view of the opposition, a death penalty is simply an act of cruelty.  There’s nothing crueler than tolerating the murder of another human being.  It is certainly very paradoxical that a state allows the death penalty to be imposed on a person as a solution to crime and violent behavior.

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Violence will never be the right answer to increasing crime.  If the public tolerates executions, and thus crimes, the impression is created that there is a good approach to violence in the minds of young people. Violence breeds violence.  What’s frustrating is that we legitimize cruelty in our society.  Abolitionists don’t agree with the idea of the death penalty. And they want to abolish it because it disgraces the meaning of human life.

Capital penalties

The death penalty should also benefit society by deterring the perpetrator from committing further crimes and deterring other criminals from committing similar crimes.  A number of crimes punishable by the death penalty are murder and rape, depending on which state or country legalizes this practice. As far as the death penalty is concerned, there are criminals who have often broken the law and are not afraid of rape and murder because they know they will just go to jail. These people and those who cannot be changed should be given the death penalty in order to protect the majority.

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The reason people support the death penalty is that it is effective in deterring criminals. Supporters of the death penalty believe that aspiring criminals are deterred by such a cruel punishment and are therefore wary of committing crimes such as rape and murder. In fact, for them, it is the ultimate deterrent to criminal activity. When an offender commits a crime punishable by the death penalty and is executed, he or she is recognized by the public and by potential criminals. For fear of suffering, of the same difficulty, they will despair to commit such crimes.

Conclusion: Debate on the death penalty

The opinions of those for or against the death penalty regularly reflect their ideologies and core beliefs. These philosophies and ethics are deeply rooted in the experience of life and in the way people are raised and are unlikely to be influenced by intellectual arguments. It is amazing that in this country most people are in favor of the death penalty, while Parliament is still against it. In this case, it is doubtful whether Parliament takes the lead in respecting human rights and continues to emphasize that murder is always immoral.

Question about the death penalty

  • Should the death penalty be prohibited or permitted?
  • The death penalty must be reintroduced!
  • Why not abolish the death penalty?
  • The death penalty must not be abolished!
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Why should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Verdict: Should the death penalty be abolished?

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