Creative Inventor or Musician : Essay , Article , Biography , IELTS Cue Cards , Speech

Inventor or creative musician: Essay, Paper, Biography, Cue Cards IELTS, Paper

Who he is: A.R. Rahman?

Here we have a man who has done a brilliant job and put the whole world under his feet. Yes, we are talking about a musical legend – A.R. Rahman!

Creative inventor or musician : Essay, Article, Biography, Cue Cards IELTS

Turning inspiration into creation

The pursuit of excellence and the lure of competitive advantage are elements they seek and add to their thinking. The next item is the presentation. Every second of every day, their performance is exceptional. Performance is the language they use to speak to their followers, and they only recognize the language of results, and it must be great.

World famous

If you flip through a newspaper or magazine these days, or look on the internet, you will probably come across interviews or stories about his hard work that led to his successes. Everywhere you look, you see his posters and advertisements after he made it to the Oscars, and he really deserved it! We have all watched with excitement the videos of his return to India, his press conferences and meetings.

Enthusiasm for his work

Today, A.R. Rahman is one of the richest Indian musicians of all time. With a brand name like Rahman, millions of films are made. But it’s not just Rahman’s overriding passion that is so infectious, it’s the excellence and purpose that captivates him. This man has redefined modern Indian music and has become an idol for millions of people around the world.

Essay by A.R. Rahman

Like everyone else, I’ve known his music since the release of Roja in 1992. 24 good years! Everyone talks about his music and talent, what he eats and drinks, what he likes to do in his spare time, etc. But there are actually much more important things than what you want to know and learn about the legend A.R. Rahman. While dozens of people continue to talk about him in glowing terms, there are some things that go unspoken and others that we just ignore and overlook about Rahman that make him so special.

Moral A.R. Rahman

The melodic genius that Rahman is comes primarily from his values and principles. Rahman’s achievements give us valuable advice that can be useful in our professional lives and in achieving our goals in life.

A.R. Rahman, with his eternal value and simple life, gives us ways to win professionally, provided we learn them, get used to them, adapt them to our own situations and execute them accordingly.

A.R. Rahman Focus

With no distractions, he strives to do quality work at home. It means so much to be anchored where your family is, where your essence is and where your soul is.

IEL CUMENT CARD : To describe a creative inventor or musician

To describe a creative inventor or musician

I must say:

  • who is this man
  • what this man does
  • How do you know this guy
  • and explain why you think this person is creative


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