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In today’s world, crime is a big issue. It affects the lives of many people and has a huge impact on society. There are several ways to prevent crime from happening, but some crimes still occur no matter what.

The short essay about crime is a short essay that provides students with an overview of the topic.


Criminal is a word that makes us feel something is wrong since it is used to describe an irresponsible person in society who has done some terrible things in the past, which is why the term criminal has been linked to his life.

According to the law, a criminal is someone who disobeys the rules and regulations enshrined in our Constitution, or anybody who does not follow the rules, and even a minor rule violated by a person may put them in the category of a criminal. For example, if a person violates a traffic light, he has committed the crime of signal violation.


Now you may be wondering, “If it was simply a signal, why is it regarded as a crime?” Well, suppose if a person is crossing the road and a motorcycle is violating the signal, and they both fall from each other in any scenario. This accident was caused solely by the actions of a motorcyclist who disobeyed a traffic signal, causing them to fall. As a result, disobeying a traffic signal is also a felony.

Many of us used to pass judgment on individuals so fast that we didn’t even consider what that person who was a criminal needed. We have no way of knowing what type of history or circumstance he is in right now, so we just evaluate them based on their current behavior. We don’t even attempt to figure out what the scenario was or why that specific individual did what he did.


When we learn the cause for the crime, we often believe that it was committed as a result of a misunderstanding or a mistake, but the crime is still a crime. Because the government and the law will not tolerate any kind of injustice perpetrated by anybody, we must punish the perpetrator.

India is a country with a large population, and its crime rate is ranked 12th in the world, with the biggest crimes being terrorism, molestation, ragging, and many more.

The following are a handful of the worst crimes that India is now dealing with. The Indian government is working to address this issue as quickly as possible, but due to the large number of people in India, it will take some time to handle all of the difficulties and problems that arise in everyday life.

When we speak about minor crimes, we’re talking about things like bank account fraud, gaining access to someone’s social media, posting rubbish, and so on. These are the little crimes that we encounter on a daily basis, but we must never forget to report them to the authorities.


The crime essay topics is a topic that can be found in many different places. This article will give you an idea of what types of crime essays students should write and the best ways to go about writing them.

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