Data Scientist Vs. Machine Learning Engineer: What’s the Difference?

Although machine experts and data scientists play an important role in the automation industry, they are new to the market. That is why there is some confusion among people about these roles. But if you understand these roles in detail, it’s easy to see the real difference and choose the right career path.

If we compare these two roles, we’re actually comparing scientists to engineers. As we all know, scientists are responsible for understanding the science of the whole process and how it works, and engineers are responsible for creating something new. When we become aware of these two roles in this way, everything becomes clear. However, you need to understand in detail the difference between the two roles before choosing a profession.

To understand the difference between data science and machine learning, you must first understand the difference between the two roles.

What is machine learning?

In order to understand it mechanically, we first need to know what artificial intelligence is. Well, artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the development of intelligent machines and the representation of the intelligence of machines. Artificial intelligence performs various tasks such as virtual perception, decision making, language translation, etc.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence in which automated machines are designed using multiple algorithms. This mainly concerns the development of algorithms to obtain input data and deliver results using statistical models.

It uses the created algorithms to develop machine learning models that can help work on real-world projects. In this data-driven world, machine learning systems are very useful for creating intelligent automation, e.g. B. for power generation, digital marketing, etc. In this world, machine learning systems are very useful for creating intelligent automation. We generally use machine learning systems in our daily lives. For example, Google uses machine learning to provide users with a personalized experience, and Amazon uses it to recommend products to its customers.

Machine student

What is data science?

Data science is a discipline that deals with the analysis and visualization of structured and unstructured data collected from various sources. This area helps individuals and companies better understand the data and make the right decisions. It includes various disciplines such as statistics, mathematics, cluster analysis, machine learning, and visualization.

Data science also helps to understand current market trends and improve business processes. In this way, Data Science helps companies to increase their turnover. It uses a variety of tools and techniques to help companies understand the datasets and create better business models.

Now explain to us in detail the difference between Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers.

Who is a mechanical engineer?

Engineers in the field of machine learning acquire knowledge in the field of computer science and software engineering. They use data tools and programming skills to refine the raw data collected when necessary. The Machine Learning Engineer is also responsible for translating data into models and scaling up scientific models from theoretical data to models at the production level that can process large amounts of data. Mechanical engineers usually create algorithms that enable the machines to think and program themselves.

Machine learning engineers develop programs that enable machines to understand things without help. Since they belong to the field of artificial intelligence, their main task is to build systems that can function independently. Programmers, on the other hand, are professionals who create specific programs to perform specific tasks.

Who is a data specialist?

A Data Scientist is a professional who collects data from various sources, analyses it, and provides useful information. Data scientists usually understand all the details of the company and develop programs to analyze them. They also carry out certain experiments that can help companies to develop. They usually perform statistical analyses and research to create algorithms and prototypes for testing.

Scientists use their scientific expertise to solve complex problems in datasets. They use various skills such as text manipulation, video manipulation, image manipulation, speech analysis, and others to perform their tasks. Data scientists generally have limited responsibilities in these industries. So there is a strong demand for IT positions on the market. They play an important role in answering questions or solving problems by extracting useful information from the data.

Role requirements:

Machine learning engineers and data scientists both have similarities in their specific roles. The data specialists carry out a statistical analysis of the data and decide on the appropriate machine learning procedure. They then prepare algorithms and prototypes for testing. Machine learned engineers use this model and make it suitable for the production environment.

As mentioned earlier, machine learners do not need to understand the science and workings of models the way data specialists do. The requirements for these two roles are therefore different. Here are the requirements for the functions of computer scientist and machine apprentice.

Requirements for machine builders :

In order to qualify for the position of Machine Learning Engineer, the candidate must have a Master’s degree in Computer Science. In addition, candidates must be familiar with certain programming languages such as Java, Python, C, C++, Julia, R, Scala, and JavaScript.

Below are the basic requirements for the position of Machine Learning Engineer.

  • Experience with Java, R, Python, Scala, and other programming languages is required.
  • Candidates must hold a doctoral degree or a master’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or statistics.
  • Experience with messaging tools such as ZeroMQ, Kafka, and RabbitMQ.
  • A strong knowledge of mathematics and statistics, as this function consists of teaching machines to think and communicate.
  • Knowledge and experience in machine learning.
  • Technical knowledge and strong analytical skills.
  • Experience in MATLAB
  • Experience with large amounts of data

Data Specialist Needs :

Advanced degrees required for a position as a computer technician, such as. B. as a machine student. To apply for this position, you must have a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in computer science, statistics, or mathematics.

The requirements for the position of computer specialist are as follows:

  • Experience in Java, Python, and SQL.
  • Thorough knowledge of statistical concepts and procedures.
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills.
  • Experience with machine learning techniques such as clustering, neural networks, learning the decision tree, etc.
  • Five to seven years of experience in developing statistical models and working with large datasets.
  • Experience with data mining techniques such as generalized linear models, randomized forests, social network analysis, etc.
  • Experience with data and calculation tools such as MySQL, Hive, Hadoop, Gurobi, Spark, etc.
  • Experience analyzing third party data such as Coremetrics, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Hexagon, Site Catalyst, etc.
  • Experience in visualizing and demonstrating data using tools such as D3, Business Objects, Periscope, etc.


As these two roles have different requirements and perform different tasks in the sector, the responsibilities of these roles are also different. These are the responsibilities of these roles.

Machine operator tasks :

Machine learning engineers are primarily responsible for developing algorithms for statistical models and maintaining machine learning solutions. However, the tasks of the machine operators may vary from project to project.

As a rule, the machine setters are responsible for the following tasks.

  • Construct and implement machine learning models and algorithms.
  • Developing data and model pipelines by working together with data engineers.
  • You are responsible for the research, design, monitoring, experimentation, deployment, maintenance, and development of algorithms and machine learning models.
  • Design of distributed systems using data science and machine learning techniques.
  • Develop and revise the code at the production level.
  • Addressing stakeholders in complex processes.
  • Obtain useful information by analyzing complex datasets.
  • Conduct research and implement best practices to improve existing machine learning models.
  • Development of prototypes to support future research.
  • Create and provide machine learning functions in collaboration with other research teams.

Responsibilities of the Data Researcher :

Scientists are responsible for storing and refining large amounts of data. They usually investigate datasets to identify useful information and develop predictive models. They know both the statistics and the programming skills to do their job effectively.

The functions of the datalogger are as follows:

  • Build specific data models and algorithms.
  • Research and create statistical models for analysis.
  • Explaining statistical concepts and results to business leaders
  • Improved development through the use of appropriate databases and project designs.
  • Develop tools and processes to analyze and monitor data accuracy and performance.
  • Perform A/B tests and check the quality of the model.
  • Improve customer experience, revenue growth, ad targeting, etc. through predictive modeling.
  • Understand business needs and plan solutions by communicating with other departments.


Salary of the engineer in machine learning :

Machine learning engineers usually develop programs to automate machines. They can take on different roles in the sector and their salaries vary according to their experience, location, and responsibilities. In India, salaries for machine students vary from 5 to 20 lakh per year.

The salary of an expert:

The remuneration of Data Scientists also depends on their skills, location, and role. Depending on their experience, they can earn between 5 and 17 lakes per year.

In summary:

The roles of a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer are both excellent options. Whatever role you choose, you work in business and technology and have a brilliant career. It all depends on your interest, on the role you want to see the play. Both positions require a Master’s degree to hire candidates, but some companies also prefer to hire candidates with relevant skills and experience.

Scientists usually deal with large data sets, while machine learning engineers deal with coding and developing machine learning models. So you can succeed by improving your skills and expertise, whether you’re a machine school student or a computer scientist.


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