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Discipline test

Discipline means following a path or instruction from someone who is somehow superior to us. A man can follow it with enthusiasm, influenced by its demands; or he can follow it with lukewarmness, terror of punishment if he does otherwise.

Self-discipline or self-discipline is not about going out with friends and relaxing the evening before the theory exam, even if you would like to do so, but about studying in a down-to-earth way.

discipline - writing, article, interest, speech, subject, note discipline – writing, article, interest, speech, subject, note

Type of discipline

Both types of disciplines are necessary for the existence of a civilized society. Without the first, it would be impossible to manage a family or association effectively, and without the second, personal development would grind to a halt.

There is an integrated discipline in the management of the universe. The Earth orbits around the Sun and rotates around its axis, if this is not achieved there will be no seasonal and climatic changes, without which we cannot survive. Like a pebble, once lifted, it goes up one day and down the next. Roses always smell like roses and never lilies.

When one is disciplined within oneself, it is as if one is in step with the model of creation; and from this hidden unity comes serenity, contentment, and a sense of satisfaction.

Importance of the discipline

A skeptic may notice natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes to illustrate that nature is chaotic and unusual, but the fact remains that despite the existence of these negative forces, the universe is constant according to certain indisputable laws upon which all science is built. Everything the environment obeys is disciplined. Basically, life is disciplined.

Socrates taught that all good behavior is guided and limited by reason, and that all qualities come from the triumph of reason over feeling. This is another way of expressing that regulation is the mother of all virtues. If you go to a school, big or small, you will find that a reliable discipline is one of the central ideals, no matter how far you have come. Talk to a coach about any sport anywhere in the world. They’ll make you realize that where there’s no discipline, there are no winners.

Sometimes the discipline can be so beautiful that it goes unnoticed, as in the case of the housewife who quietly organizes and cleans her house year after year.

It is true that there are places where disorder seems to be a way of life, and where people seem to pass it on; but passing it on does not mean excellence, and it in no way detracts from the value of discipline.

Ability alone can carry a person, but celebrity biographies are also full of examples of people who have gone bankrupt or eventually died due to a lack of management in their individual lives. Their fate has been determined by the lack of regulation.

Dasein’s romance, its contestation and exploration, is the struggle between the excitement of complacency and the determination to fight it and impose the will.

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