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We all dream of the future, but what does it take for us to achieve our dreams? What are the obstacles we face along the way? How do these challenges inspire you to keep moving forward with your goals?

The “my dream essay 150 words” is a short essay written in simple English. It was originally created for students and children to help them express their thoughts in writing.




Dreams are fundamentally separate from conscious life, although defining the difference is very difficult. When we’re dreaming, we’re nearly always certain that we’re awake, and real encounters have been mistaken for dreams.


The last blunder is the subject of a well-known Spanish play called Life a Dream, as well as an entertaining story in the Arabian Nights, in which a poor man is portrayed as a powerful ruler for a joke, and it is suggested that he imagine that all the good treatment he had received was just a dream a while later.



Even after waking up, we may be unsure if our dream was genuine or not, especially if we drop asleep in our seat and have no recollection of how we came to rest. When nothing in our dream seems to be difficult for our stimulated personality, this unce, confidence may simply occur.

In any event, it is only in rare instances that a dream accurately replicates our waking reality. In general, a broad variety of events seem to occur during our sleep that we should be aware are inconceivable during our waking hours. We see and speak with friends who are on the other side of the globe or have been long dead in our imaginations.


Characters from your imagination


We may even run across characters we’ve read about in novels, whether they’re real or imagined. We often forget our personalities and dream that we are someone else, and throughout the course of a single dream, we may be a few different individuals. To the visionary, space and time cease to exist.

It is possible to seem to have had the experience of many years in a dream that lasts just a few minutes. The room’s confines may also dissolve into nothing, giving the impression that we are traveling to every corner of the universe at the speed of thought.



Every now and again, our creative energy has such complete mastery over our reason that we can think about every single contradiction in our common experience without even the slightest sense of thinking. That being said, this isn’t always the case. It’s impossible to say as a general rule that nothing in a dream can surprise us, no matter how unusual.

Visionaries sometimes experience awe as a result of their unusual experiences. We also wouldn’t be able to claim that the ethical reason has no influence on our sleep.

It is true that great men in their imaginations seem to carry out heinous acts without the slightest remorse; nevertheless, even the visionary hears the voice of inner voice once and again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a dream essay?

A: For a dream essay, you should write about the nature of your dreams and how they relate to yourself. You should also include information on what was happening in your life at the time.

What is dream short note?

A: The dream short note is a custom song. It can be found in Beat Saber PSVR store under the Custom Songs tab of the play menu.

How do you write a dream?

A: To write a dream, you must first know what your dreams are. By taking note of the things that happen in our lives that we would like to re-experience or remember on some plane or level of consciousness, then analyzing them and reflecting upon their meaning for us, it becomes easier to understand what our dreams represent.

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