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Elephant essay in English is a very difficult task for students. This article provides easy words of the Elephant Essay in English with some examples and explanations.

Elephant essay in english 10 lines is a book for students who are learning English. The easy words make it easier to understand and read. Read more in detail here: elephant essay in english 10 lines.


Elephants are large animals that like to dwell in the woods. Although the elephant seems to be a massive monster, children adore it. The elephant has the largest and heaviest physique of any animal, and it is also known as the Royal Animal of the Forest because of the manner it lives.

We all know that all creatures are helpful for some reason or another. Elephants, too, are very beneficial to the environment. Elephants have the largest bodies of all the animals, and they are often employed for forest tours, especially when tourists visit the jungle.


The elephant is usually used as a vehicle by the forest guide since it is one of the largest creatures on which other animals do not even attempt to assault, and because of his large and tall physique, none of the animals want to harm the visitors.

When it comes to animals, just a handful have a really peaceful mentality. Elephants are one of these creatures, and they are extremely peaceful and silent. They always ensure that no innocent people are harmed, that they do not meddle in other people’s enterprises, and that they remain with their group.

If anybody interferes with the forest’s Royal animal, his odds of survival are fewer than one percent. So, the next time you go to a forest or a zoo, don’t worry about why the elephant is scared of you elephants. Just wait until the perfect opportunity.

Elephants may be found mostly in Africa and India. Elephants in Africa are believed to be larger than elephants in India. In contrast to elephants from India or Asia, both male and female African elephants have a trunk with a very powerful grasp.


Asian elephants are quieter and smaller than African elephants, and their grasp is not as powerful as African elephants’.


Heera, an elephant at the Delhi Zoo in New Delhi, assaulted staff member Kulin Boro, the zoo’s elephant caretaker, who was watching over three elephants that were on a morning walk as per the zoo’s routine. He attempted to separate the two elephants who were fighting while they were playing. The 13th of September, 2015. Ravi Kanojia shot this picture for Express.

We’ve arrived at the elephants’ male and female group. Male elephants are separated from their mothers and fathers once they reach adulthood. It is their decision to be separated from their parents.

Female elephants do not split from their herds more than once. They like to remain with the elephant herd. Elephants can even hear the other elephant’s speech from a distance of 5 kilometers. Elephants have exceptional hearing abilities due to their big ears.

The fact that the newborn elephant’s name is Calf must seem to be intriguing. To completely grow a young elephant, a mother elephant must carry him in her stomach for more than 20 to 22 months. Once the baby elephant is out of her stomach, she must carry him for another 20 to 22 months.

Elephants are animals, therefore the mail is delivered by the mother elephant’s foot. The newborn elephant is born with a height of 85 cm, or about 33 inches, and a weight of 120 kg. This is a typical newborn elephant weight.


The “if i were an elephant essay” is a short story about an elephant and its thoughts on life. The essay is written in easy words for students to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write an elephant essay?

A: You should be able to find a lot of information about how to write an essay on Google. Theres also a great website called The SparkNotes that can help you figure out what your main idea is and the content you would need for your paper.

What is a elephant essay?

A: An elephant essay is an assignment that asks you to write about something.

What can I write about an elephant?

A: Elephants are large mammals with thick wrinkly skin, a long trunk and four short legs. They can weigh up to six tons and have tusks that curve back over the top of their head. Individuals tend to be gray or brownish in color

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