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Every year, children are born to a world of problems. They face many difficult challenges and this makes it hard to raise them up in the right way. One thing we can do is teach our kids about saving environment so that they will know how much their future depends on it.

“A short message on save environment for students in easy words” is an essay that explains the importance of saving the environment. Read more in detail here: short essay on save environment.


When it comes to the environment, we all know that it is very essential to each and every human being. The environment is unhealthy, and no human body can be healthy, therefore we must protect the environment if we are to continue on this road.

Forest Deforestation

1625967428_756_Essay-On-How-To-Save-Environment-For-Class-4th-StudentsWhen we speak about the forest now, we are chopping it down to construct houses and cottages. We don’t care about the environment.


The forest is just a plot for the builder to construct a structure on which many people will dwell, but the issue is that one construction kills thousands of plants and animals that were previously there.

It is an issue if we want to preserve the environment and even save the forest where people need a place to live, but there are many methods to save the forest and provide shelter for people.

Pollution as a result of the environment

1625967203_451_Essay-On-Importance-Of-Water-Conservation-For-Class-4-StudentsThe subject man must have a field you are interested in because in this topic we will discuss how the environment pollutes the environment in simple terms if we discuss it.


We have the ability to preserve the environment, which is the source of rising pollution. Well, it’s very fascinating to grasp this idea of the environment; greenery is all around us, and we, as humans, must take care for it.

We can reduce pollution in the environment if we plan around us, but we don’t care and begin tearing down the ecosystem.

This is critical when pollution levels are high in cities and plants are few; this is why cities are so filthy in comparison to India’s rural areas.


1625962259_80_Short-Essay-On-Water-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Let’s take a look at the kind of environment we’re dealing with. We are all familiar with the Cauvery River and are aware of its current state.

People are unaware that the Cauvery River is nearly dry, and that there are just a few options for saving it. Many non-governmental organizations are working hard to restore the river.

You’re probably wondering how it reflects the river’s surroundings. How can the ecosystem survive if it does not have access to water when it is most needed?

Now, how can you rescue this from your side? By planting more and more trees, the river will be able to live. However, we have lost a large number of plants and trees as a result of forest cutting.

The forest that was formerly encircled by the Cauvery River is now too difficult to preserve, but if we want to, we can. Simply by planting more and more trees around it, we can preserve the river and the ecosystem. Therefore, plant more and more trees to rescue the environment.

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“How to save environment essay spm” is an article that provides a short message on the importance of saving the environment. It is meant for students who are struggling with writing an essay about this topic. Reference: how to save environment essay spm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can students do to save the environment essay?


How can we save environment in short note?

A: You can reduce your carbon footprint by using public transport, car pooling, and biking to work.

How can we save our environment write 10 lines?

A: Im sorry, but the answer to your question is not available.

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