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Aim in life is the burning desire to achieve something, something of which you have a burning desire, something which you are passionate about. This passion and burning desire has a corresponding picture in your mind, which is that of yourself achieving that aim and winning that desire. In order to achieve any goal and any lasting success, you should have a vision, a mission, a plan, and a path to get there.

In this essay, you will be discussing the aim in your life and how you can achieve it. Aim of life is the most important thing for human being. It is the desire that one has to achieve in life. Your aim in life can be anything you want. If you have some goal in life, you will work towards it. If you want to achieve a higher purpose in life, you can do it.

It is a common knowledge that one should aim in life for a meaningful and fulfilling career. But what about the type of career that will bring you to the same level of happiness and fulfillment?. Read more about my aim in life essay in easy words and let us know what you think.



Humans are born with the ability to be ambitious. Everyone want to get something unique in their lives. Some people want to be doctors or engineers as children, while others desire to make a name for themselves in the corporate world.

Good Path

Essay-On-Aim-In-Life-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsSimilarly, if some individuals desire to perform charitable work, they attempt to persuade God to follow a path of devotion. All people have various desires, yet only a small percentage of them can see their dreams come true. Some people are fortunate enough to be able to choose an embodiment. Such people usually have strong willpower and are constantly striving to achieve a particular objective.


My Aim

1625970003_144_Essay-On-Aim-In-Life-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsMy life’s ambition is to grow up to be a doctor and help all those who are unable to get appropriate medical care due to a lack of funds. I am fully aware that becoming a good doctor is a difficult task.


There are many hurdles, including the selection of good institutions, admittance to such schools, and the cost of education. But I am certain that I will be able to overcome these challenges. I’ve put forth a lot of effort to achieve this. I’m enlisting the assistance of my instructors and more experienced pupils for appropriate advice.

After I graduate from medical school, I want to work in areas where there aren’t enough qualified doctors or where there isn’t a medical center system. I wish to provide free therapy to anybody who cannot afford treatment due to financial constraints. I also wish to increase them knowledge of the importance of good health.

I wish to make a significant contribution to understanding the significance of how to live, cleanliness, health, and a well-balanced diet. Nowadays, it is feasible to cure certain traditional illnesses, but it is possible to lack the necessary knowledge, and only after the virus has become severe, the problem of being cared for is one of the most important issues facing the ignorant and rural.

I’d want to make some significant progress in this direction. My goal is to help others and serve the nation and society. Giving medical and helpful health information to all individuals, particularly the impoverished, would provide me self-satisfaction.

When I learn through newspapers, Doordarshan, or other sources that thousands of people are murdered every year in communities across the nation owing to hunger and a lack of adequate medical treatment, I get depressed.

This is really tragic for the nation. Contributing to my nation and countrymen would be a privilege for me. On the other hand, certain illnesses, such as AIDS, need immediate public awareness.


The aim of my life, I think, will be to get the support of all of my instructors, students, and parents. I have complete confidence in God to assist me in this great cause and in accomplishing my objective. In my quest, I shall not leave any stone untouched.

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Students are very concerned about their choice of career. Some people prefer the business field while others would like to become medical doctors. Some like to pursue the law field while others want to enter the field of criminal justice. Some are even interested in becoming teachers, while others choose to pursue the field of social work. It is important to know what you want to do in life. However, it can be very difficult to know exactly what you want to do. Some people wish to make a living, while others think they might want to have some fun.. Read more about my aim in life essay 150 words and let us know what you think.

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