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A sports day is a celebration organized by all students in a school or college on the occasion of the annual sports day. Every year, students come forward to participate in sports events such as football, volleyball, badminton, cricket, hockey, kabaddi, kho-kho, kho-kho riding etc. which are usually supervised by the teachers and headmasters. The students of a school or college organize sports day in a school in order to encourage the students to take part in sports activities.

The Annual Sports Day for students in the academic year 2015-16 was held on 19th January 2016. It was a great success as hundreds of students from various schools and colleges participated in sports activities. The theme of the sports day was “Celebrating The Environment”.

Two days ago, students from every nook and corner of the country appeared in Delhi to take part in the annual sports day, the climax of which was the marathon. The running events were followed by games like basketball, football, badminton, hockey, volleyball, table tennis, etc.. Read more about essay on sports day in english and let us know what you think.



We all like incorporating sports into our everyday routines, and for a child, the day he gets to play at school is a really special day. Nowadays, schools are considerably more receptive to sports and extracurricular activities that may help students develop their brains.

Annual Preparation Begins

Essay-On-Annual-Sports-Day-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsEvery year, pupils advance to the next standard, and this cycle continues at least until they finish their tenth grade. Every year, after students finish their middle term of the test, they get some free time to enjoy and demonstrate their abilities.


Throughout the school year, everyone is looking forward to the annual day. When their examinations are over, they are aware that their yearly day is approaching, and they must begin preparing as soon as possible.

They are completely prepared for the start of the yearly day after finishing the examinations. This is a kind of encouragement from the school to the students. Motivation for their passion and skill, which will emerge from school activities like these.

Start Making Plans For Annual Day

1625969928_545_Essay-On-Annual-Sports-Day-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsAfter the examinations, the preparations begin, and the students are free to participate in any activities they want. None of the instructors will be restraining any of the kids. All of the instructors encourage the students to participate in this event.


Even the school permits a few periods of time to be set aside for the yearly day’s preparation. Because this is such an essential aspect of education, the school is willing to provide some free lectures to the kids. This allows kids to create anything they want while still providing time for them to practice their activity.

They practice their respective sports outside of the school throughout the year. However, this is the only opportunity students get to train and demonstrate their skill within the institution. This is a critical step that schools are taking to improve pupils’ abilities.

The Annual Day’s Sports Activities

1625969929_801_Essay-On-Annual-Sports-Day-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsPlaying games is not a sport; but, if you are very skilled in a particular activity, you are always invited to participate. Students participate in games that they like and compete for school prizes.

Dystrophy is awarded on the school’s annual day. Because on this specific day, all of the kids’ parents are summoned to the school to see the student’s gratitude. This makes the school and the parents very pleased to have such a wonderful kid and student under their watchful eye.

Students are dedicated to their studies.

When it comes to the kids, they put forth a lot of effort to win the awards. Because this makes them more enthusiastic and one of the school team’s sports players. Being a member of the school’s sports team is a huge distinction for a kid.

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Annual Sports Day for students is one of the most famous and celebrated events in schools and other stake holders. It is also a very important event in the lives of students. It is the one and only event that brings the whole school together. This is because of the mutual trust and love that exists between the students and the teachers. This is also because of the extra-sports activities that is organized on this day.. Read more about sports day celebration in our school and let us know what you think.

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