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One of the most important aspects that any living being is the ecosystem in which it exists. Every single animal, plant or bug has a role to play in its environment and without them, who knows what would happen? The planet’s biodiversity can be seen as an example of how everything needs each other for survival.

“The essay on biodiversity pdf” is a very simple and easy to understand essay that can be used as an introduction for students and children.


Bio-diversity refers to the variety of life represented by the number of species in an ecosystem or on our planet, and it is used to assess the biological system since there are many species living in our environment.

The natural heritage is often referred to as biodiversity. There is a fast shift in climate conditions in the ecosystem, and since there are many species living in our environment, a few of them are becoming extinct as a result of these climatic changes. 3.5 billion years of evolution have resulted in this.


Science has yet to discover the source of this diversity, but it does provide some indication that the biodiversity dates back 3.5 billion years. According to some evidence, life appeared after the earth’s development, rather than before it.

The earliest biodiversity was discovered approximately 600 million years ago in the form of germs and bacteria. After then, the variety begins to increase at a rapid rate.

Prior to Biodiversity,


Before, diversity was in a bad state since many rainforests were being destroyed, and as a result, there was no variety. It took about 30 million years to recover from the destruction of the rainforest and to achieve appropriate variety.

And when life first emerged on Earth, there were significant mass extinctions and a series of events that resulted in large, abrupt reductions in biodiversity, as there was rapid increase in biodiversity during a time when the bulk of multicellular phyla came initially, followed by tremendous biodiversity.

Following the discovery of some biodiversity, the ecosystem has seen numerous collapses, resulting in the extinction of certain plant and animal species, which took many years to recover.

Many fossils have been discovered that indicate there was a lot of biodiversity before a million years ago. After then, a time occurred during which all people began to exhibit their biodiversity, which had a beneficial effect on the number of humans created.


The Ecosystem’s Balance


The advantages of ecological balancing to humans are many. Many natural species are important in maintaining the ecosystem’s balance. The ecosystem’s balance is greatly influenced by biodiversity.

Many diverse kinds of plants and animals have evolved, assisting in the balance of the environment. Many new species are found on a regular basis. Every year, a large number of new insect species are found throughout the globe, as well as a large number of species that have emerged but have yet to be identified. Some species have been discovered but have not yet been categorized.

A large number of arthropods have yet to be classified, with over 90% of species still unclassified. In general, there are more species on land than in the sea. Under our planet, over 8.7 million species have been identified, with just 2.7 million of them living in the sea.

For the advancement of human civilization Biodiversity has aided development in a variety of ways, and human culture has also played a significant role in sustaining diversity and continuing to shape the biological level of nature and species.

Human civilization views variety as a source of resources, which it employs to create food, medicines, and cosmetics. It has become the most important resource in people’s everyday lives. It has also evolved into a new rule dispute and divide.

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The “how to protect biodiversity as a student essay” is an essay about the importance of protecting biodiversity. It’s written in simple English for students and children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is biodiversity short essay?

A: Biodiversity is the variety of life found in different environments. Its important, because it helps species to evolve and adapt.

What is biodiversity write an essay on biodiversity?

A: Biodiversity is the variety of life found in a region, including animal and plant species, genetic variation within a population, and ecosystem variability. Its important to protect biodiversity because it has many benefits for humans. The loss or destruction of biodiversity can be very harmful to nature both on short-term scales like the extinction of new populations that are dependent upon particular ecosystems as well as on long-term scales where changes in ecosystems affect other organisms through complex feedback loops.

What is biodiversity in your own words?

A: Biodiversity is the variability of life on earth, which includes plants and animals.

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