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The brain drain for students is a very popular topic for thesis paper writing. To make this topic clear, we have to first know about the brain drain of different countries. The brain drain is a term that describes how many of the best and brightest will leave a country to seek opportunities in other countries. The higher the number of the educated leave, the greater the deficit in the country’s human capital and the greater the drain of its resources. The concept of brain drain is as old as the history of migration. The earliest migration of talented individuals is believed to have been when the Chinese emigrated to Southeast Asia to work on the construction of the Great Wall of China. Later, when the British ruled India, many highly educated individuals migrated to England to work

– Brain drain is a term used to describe the loss of a person’s intellectual property, skills, competences, and knowledge as they are transferred from the originating country to the receiving country. This happens when an employee leaves their current position and/or country and goes abroad to a different location for a better work environment, job, or career opportunity. The term is often used to describe an unethical practice of “”brain-drainers”,” employees who are transferring their skills, talents, and knowledge to other locations in order to find a higher pay. In the United States, the term “brain-drain” is often used in a negative context, usually in reference to those who leave the country.

The term “brain drain” has been used in India to describe the phenomenon of highly qualified and experienced people leaving the country for greener pastures abroad.


The term “brain drain” refers to people who are actually brilliant, and they are people who are very talented in their work, and they have experience in the particular job they migrate from one country to another. They are known as “brain drain” because they are born in one country but never think of developing their own country instead of thinking of making a profit.

For example the person who has taken the birth in the country India and he is a brilliant person in work than if the abroad company is giving the more package then they go and work for the betterment of that country as they are the developed country and the people of India are very much knowledgeable in their work so the abroad give the offer rather than working for your motherland people are been transferring to another country for their future thinking as there is a small amount provided for the work, so the people run for the more money, and all the knowledge is given to them and our country remain underdeveloped.


The Different Types Of Brain Drain

Brain Drain by Location


Because of unemployment in the nation, problems at home, and a slew of other issues, some individuals migrate from one state to the next, a phenomenon known as geographical brain drain.

The following are some of the variables that contribute to geographical brain drain:


  • The family’s issue is that they have a poor quality of life.
  • An economic issue, such as the country’s unemployment problem.
  • There is a migration since there is no suitable package for the task.

Brain Drain in the Workplace


Due to problems in the organization, such as not paying them a fair wage or providing them with adequate work facilities, and many other issues, the company’s reputation suffers, and competent employees move elsewhere.

Some of the variables that contribute to the issue of organizational brain drain include:

  • In the organization, there is no advancement for the job.
  • There is no such thing as fair play.
  • There is a lack of leadership ability.
  • There will be no growth of the company.

Brain Drain in the Workplace


The issue of industrial brain drain comes from a lack of uses for individuals, as well as when a person is moved.

Some of the variables that contribute to the brain drain in the workplace.

  • In the business, there is a lot of workload.
  • The package was not appropriate for the job.
  • The industry’s growth prospects are bleak.
  • Some of the chemical plants that may be hazardous to one’s health.


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Brain Drain For Students In Easy Words – Read Here Nowadays, students have to endure a lot of pressure and stress at school, which is only going to continue in the future. For a lot of high-school and college students, this pressure leads to some serious mental problems that can be devastating in the long run. Therefore, it is very important that these students manage to cope with their problems in the best possible way.. Read more about article on brain drain in 300 words and let us know what you think.

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