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We are trying to teach the students about the importance of the caste discrimination. We are telling them that they should never discriminate anybody based on their caste, creed, race, ethnic origin or the religion.

The word “discrimination” brings up a lot of bad memories for people. It almost always reminds us of something that happened to us that hurt our feelings or made us upset. Caste discrimination is something that hasn’t been talked about much in the last few years. But we believe we should start talking about it again.


From the earliest times to today, India is known for the diversity and unity of its people. But in this context there are also issues of caste, race, gender, religion of the people of the country.

In those days, in the countryside, it was common for people to think about this, because there was discrimination between people regarding marriage. From birth, the rights of the child are declared not only by the family, but also by the hierarchy. It can be said that inequality is at the root of caste discrimination.


This division among men was made from the beginning, and so it is to this day:

Brahmins are priests, teachers and scholars.

Kshatriya – ruler and warrior

Vaishyas – farmers, traders and craftsmen

The Shudras are workers

Later this varna system split into a caste system and after their emergence there were 3000 castes and 25000 sub-castes and this division fell under the professions then seen after the birth of the child.

This discrimination started with the arrival of the Aryans around 1500 BC. Chr. But this system was put in place to control people and give them a decent and steady job.

Under the Varna system, later called the caste system, there was discrimination against people based on their membership of a lower or higher class. People from the lower classes were not treated as human beings and no respect was shown for them.

The people of the upper class had many advantages, they were given respect, privileges, while the people of the lower class had no respect, and in those days inter-caste marriages were strictly forbidden.

Modern cabinet system

Today we see that the caste system in the cities has been greatly weakened; there is no longer a single caste. But there are people who do this even today, so people from lower castes do not have their ideal place in this world.

There are many programs set up by the government for the people of the lower classes, who receive many benefits because of the work done by the government for these people. Today this also creates a problem for people from other castes as there is a reservation quota for people from the lower classes and this happens when getting government jobs.


After the British banned the caste system in the country, a constitution was adopted in India that favored the backward and lower classes. Even though it was made by DR. Ambedkar to protect people who are Dalits like him, he was a Dalit.

But today it is being misused by the people and the political parties in the country, creating problems for the people and destroying the unity of the people.

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