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Here is a chess essay for you. It is an introduction to the game of chess. The following section will provide you with some information about chess so that you can understand why it is a game of strategy and tactics.

Chess is a game that requires a lot of discipline, intelligence, patience, and concentration. It’s important to master new strategies as soon as possible. Good players carefully analyze their opponents and calculate their moves before they make them. This game can be practiced by all ages, but it is especially suitable for children.

Chess is a game played on a board and mainly played by only two players. Chess consists of a grid of 8 by 8, or 64 squares in total, played between two players.

In chess, both players have their own pieces, i.e. one player has white pieces and the other has white pieces, and the player with the white pieces makes the first move.

In chess, there are only sixteen pieces, and both players have the same number of pieces at the start of the game.

Pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. Each piece has its own unique characteristic. The whole game is about making the right moves at the right time.

This game also uses a lot of mental tricks, like. B. determine the probability of the move your opponent can make during your current turn.

To win the game, you must remove your opponent’s king from the board with a move called checkmate.

History and rules of chess

Chess has been played since ancient times, first in the 6th century. Discovered in India in the 19th century. In the sixth. In the 18th century, when chess was discovered, it was given another name, Chaturanga.

In those days this Chaturanga was played by four players. To play this game, dice were rolled and the figure moved.

In those days people played many different rules, but later people adopted this game and called it Shatranj.

This game has evolved in the form of Rapid, and strategies and different rules have been developed for it. According to the rules of this chess game, White starts first and thus has the advantage of winning, but because he plays first, Black has the advantage of knowing the move and can attack White’s move.

The player must remove all pieces or can remove opponent’s king to win. A player can remove an opponent’s piece by placing his own piece on that square, the removal of opponent’s pieces is optional.

Sometimes you lose your own piece when you remove an opponent’s piece. So you have to decide how to take a piece away from your opponent. Chess is a game that requires complete intelligence and strategy to win the game.

Some models are given for the placement of the pieces on the board: On the first row are the eight pawns, which protect the other pieces, and on the second row are the rook, knight, bishop, queen, king, bishop, knight, rook in a certain order.

There is also a rule that the queen can only stand on a square of her color, that is, if the queen is white, she must stand on a white square and the black queen must stand on a black square, and there are also some rules for the placement of the kings of the two players, who cannot stand on a column, that is, the opponent’s king cannot stand in front of your king, he must stand in front of your queen, and these rules govern the game of chess.


As known, chess is played by two players and in this game there is a time limit for each move and the player must make his move only within this time.

There are also many moves to beat your opponent, such as. B. 4-count checkmate 16-count checkmate and many other moves to beat your opponent.

Chess is played both nationally and internationally. In India, our chess player Viswanath Anand has set many records and won many matches against many countries at the international level.

Chess has become a popular game in India and one can play it to exercise his brain in the best possible way. Chess improves decision-making, learning and analytical skills.

It also builds self-confidence. It also helps to improve concentration and focus. It’s also a very good memory game.

It is a very popular game all over the world and most people play chess when they have free time because it refreshes their mind.

If you have any other questions about Chess Essay, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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