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Child abuse is a form of child maltreatment that includes physical and/or sexual abuse, abandonment or neglect. The abuser may be an individual or other type of entity such as a family member, parent figure, another caregiver, school staff member,.



Child abuse is the world’s most serious issue, and there is currently no cure. The term “abuse” refers to the inappropriate use of anything, while “child abuse” refers to the mistreatment of children by any person, group, or organization for profit or entertainment.

Child abuse is unlawful and poses the greatest risk to young children, who are readily exploited due to their lack of experience and awareness of the outside world.


Child abuse occurs both within and outside the home. It may also happen within the home, and it can happen to anybody.

The Different Types Of Child Abuse 


There are many forms of child abuse. Physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse are the four kinds of child abuse identified by the World Health Organization.

Physical abuse refers to the bodily mistreatment of a kid; it is an intentional act that results in physical harm. It typically occurs when a person is irritated and vents his anger on a child by hitting him with his hands or any other item.

Playing with a child’s brain to make him feel worthless and ashamed of himself, or threatening him with physical harm, or speaking with him or another person in front of him using harsh words are all examples of psychological abuse.

Emotional child abuse is related to psychological child abuse in that it involves insulting or threatening the kid’s feelings, causing him to feel sad or miserable.

Kid sexual abuse occurs when an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual arousal. It also includes a child’s involvement in a sexual act for the purpose of amusement or financial gain by a person or an organization.


Child Abuse Causes


Child abuse may occur for a variety of reasons, the most common of which being parental maltreatment because they too were mistreated as children.

It also occurs as a result of family conflict and domestic abuse, as well as unemployment creating financial stress. The abusive family is separated from the general community, resulting in reduced involvement in social activities on a daily basis. It also relies on the child’s surrounding circumstances.

Child Abuse’s Consequences 


Child abuse has a negative impact on a child’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as their development.

Kid abuse reduces a youngster’s lifetime because the child has lost interest in living due of the environment around him and the conduct of individuals or society.

Child abuse alters a child’s lifestyle by putting him under constant stress or making him feel unhappy. It also has an impact on a child’s perception of the world or society as a result of what is going on in his life.

It also lowers the child’s self-esteem and makes him believe that he is worthless and that he lacks the ability to make choices.

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