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After watching the movie “The Help” we should understand the issue about child abuse. Child abuse is a very serious issue because it is very hard for a child to disclose his or her abuse. For a child to disclose his or her abuse he or she must feel safe to do so.

A child abuse is a form of abuse that is aimed at hurting or abusing a child. Any form of abuse affects a child physically, mentally, and emotionally. Children are the future of the family. It is their responsibility to take care of the family. It is their obligation to teach the future generation how to grow. But how can a child grow if they are being abused?


There wouldn’t be a person in the whole world who wouldn’t love children. Good or bad, right or wrong, whatever kids do, people like.

If they need to be corrected, they will. It’s their childhood mistakes that make them special.


Most of us don’t realize that school is one of the most important places for a child. We don’t know what’s going on with the kids at school.

Going crazy in front of friends is a very important thing in a child’s life. You can’t make fun of a child in front of his friends because he then makes a joke in front of his friends.

You are always teasing him or her for the same reason you were teasing him or her, and that is very bad for children. To ensure that we never cause such problems, we must understand that whatever we do, we must never offend a child in front of anyone.

If he made a mistake, we have to find a way to make him understand. These are their mistakes, but we should never insult them in front of their friends or classmates.

Especially for children

Now you’re probably thinking about the pressure that children can be under. At first glance it seems very simple and straightforward, but in reality it is as profound as you can imagine.

Because they are children, they do not seek attention, but they also have major problems that make them uncomfortable in any situation. What situations may arise and how children may be affected.

If you look at families, they all want their child to be the best. We will never be able to understand the mindset of a child because we are not even aware of the problems they are going through.

If the child is very open to the family, he can at least explain what is happening to him, but if the parents are strict. The child was always reluctant to share his feelings with his family.

Child abuse

Now you’re probably wondering why anyone would insult a child. Not intentionally, but accidentally, it happened a few times with the old one.

As elders we know that children make mistakes, but as elders we do not realize that it is wrong to insult them or demotivate them to do what they want to do.

In this case, only the two of them will be involved in the child’s life journey and always encourage him/her. No matter what happens, good or bad, if you support your child, they will never forget that you support them in every situation. Therefore, you should always make sure that your child can trust you with all the problems he or she encounters in life.

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