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Child labour is a global problem that affects children all over the world. In India, it has been proven to be a major issue as well. Here are some statistics on how many kids in India are forced into child labour and what they do for work.

Child labour is a problem that has been present for a while. There are many essays on the subject, but this one will give you an idea of what it’s like to work as a child in India. Read more in detail here: essay on child labour in 150 words.



When you say “child labor,” you’re referring to the practice of employing young children to do labor tasks in a social organization or business. Child labor is highly lucrative since youngsters perform a lot of work for little pay.

Kidnapping children for child labor and using them to work for free is another major aspect of child exploitation. The children abducted do not require much maintenance because they work for very little food, and they also do not require much space to leave, and because the small children do not know anyone, they do not raise their voice against the torture for doing the work or the mall treat.


Small children are often threatened with working long hours and punished for completing their job. Child labor is currently prohibited in India, since children must be at least eight years old to get an education.



There are numerous reasons of child labor in India, but the most common cause nowadays is the family’s financial condition, which forces the kid to work as a worker to meet his daily requirements since he comes from a poor household.

Not only is poverty the leading source of child labor, but household illiteracy is also a significant factor.

It is preferable for a kid to go to work and earn money for his daily necessities than to go to school and waste money on education, according to the delighted father.

In India, child labor occurs not just as a result of poverty or illiteracy, but also as a result of the lack of a viable method of education, and children have little choice but to work rather than attend school to get an education.




Kid labor has a variety of consequences on both the child and the society to which it belongs, since working and labor provide different types of education, which has a negative impact on the child’s psychological development.

Child work has an impact not just on the child’s psychological well-being, but also on his or her bodily well-being. Working in an acidic environment for an extended period of time causes many health issues, and it may be hazardous to the young since it may shorten the lives of tiny children.



Child labor must be avoided at all costs. Child labor cannot be fully eliminated, although it may be reduced by a variety of reasons.

It may be prepared by informing parents and children about the disadvantages of child work. Kid labor should be punished severely if it is practiced or forced on a child.

Other legislation to prevent child work should be enacted. More new schools should be built in India’s rural regions.

Not only should free education be given, but also some kind of housing for children who live on the streets, as well as their daily necessities, so that they do not have to labor as slaves to meet their basic needs.

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The essay on child labour – wikipedia is a piece of writing that discusses the issue of child labour in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Child Labour in India essay?

Child labour in India is the practice of employing children below the age of 18 for work that, by law or custom, would be unsuitable for them to perform.

What is the essay on Child Labour?


What is the introduction of Child Labour?

Child labour is the use of children in hazardous occupations, such as work that deprives children of their childhood.

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