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The Christmas season is a time of joy and celebration that we all look forward to, but there’s also the stress and pressure that comes with it. It can be difficult for kids to keep up with everything they’re expected to do during this time of year.

The essay on christmas 150 words is an essay about Christmas for class 1 students. It has been written in easy words so that children can understand it easily.



Christmas is a holiday that is widely celebrated with pleasure and zeal. It’s a Christian religious event.

The reason for the celebration is that it was on this day that the Christian deity, Jesus Christ, was born. Every year on December 25th, it is commemorated.


The Christmas Tree’s Decoration

1625961691_566_Trees-are-Our-Best-Friend-Essays-For-Students-in-EasyPeople in the Christian faith adorn the Christmas tree with a variety of ornaments. Artificial trees, as well as spruce, pine, and fir trees, may be utilized as Christmas trees.

Chocolates, balloons, glitter balls, light, and a variety of other items are used to adorn Christmas trees. Cotton balls and glitter cloths are also utilized to give the Christmas tree a unique appearance.

Many people also build snowmen out of cotton and decorate them as the winter season approaches.

Celebrations Can Be Found All Over The World

Essay-on-Christmas-For-Class-1-Students-In-Easy-WordsPeople from all over the world come to the church early in the morning to pay their respects to the deity.

People send animated gifs to their kids and pals. Everyone wishes each other a happy Christmas by exchanging Merry Christmas greetings.

The youngsters think that Santa Claus will arrive at midnight on December 24th to deliver them Christmas presents.

To get a present from Santa Claus, individuals wish for their favorite surprise and hang a fresh sock on their window in the hopes that Santa would arrive and leave a contribution.

Recipes that will make your mouth water

1625969213_932_Essay-on-Christmas-For-Class-1-Students-In-Easy-WordsPeople begin preparing various cakes and sweets for the celebration the day before. Many individuals host a modest feast or party to spend quality time with a close friend or relative.


Santa Clause’s Function

1625969214_930_Essay-on-Christmas-For-Class-1-Students-In-Easy-WordsSanta Claus is an important part of children’s entertainment. The youngsters are visited by Santa Claus, who brings them many chocolates and presents.

On school and college holiday celebrations, one student or instructor dresses up as Santa Claus and distributes presents and chocolates to all pupils. Every youngster anticipates the Christmas season with bated breath.

Christmas’ Importance

Essay-on-Christmas-For-Class-1-Students-In-Easy-WordsChristians remember the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ with devotion and pleasure, much as the Hindu community commemorates Janmashtami, which is believed to be the birthdate of Lord Krishna.

According to the priest, Jesus Christ was born when evil spread across the population. Christ came into the world to deliver mankind from demons and all other forms of bad spirits.


1625969215_893_Essay-on-Christmas-For-Class-1-Students-In-Easy-WordsThe holiday was celebrated by all schools, colleges, and nongovernmental organizations in honor of the Christmas celebration. The day is marked by tremendous pleasure and amusement. On each given day, people engage in their preferred activity.


Christmas not only arrives on its own, but it also ushers in a joyous season of celebration for everyone. Since the beginning of time, Jesus Christ has bestowed his blessings on everyone.

God has given us a fresh perspective on how to live a happy life. It’s a special day to express gratitude for his gifts.

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The christmas essay in english 100 words is a short story about Christmas. It will be perfect for the students of Class 1 as they read it on Christmas Day.

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