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Environment is always a very important factor in our life. Your environment can affect your health, in more ways than you think. Your environment affects your thoughts, ideas and decisions. Your environment can be described in many ways and in different ways.

Environment can also be referred to as an environment that is inhabited by living beings and non-living things. In other words, environment refers to the physical and biological features that make up the environment. The environment is changeable and sensitive to changes. And, every living thing is closely related with the environment. They are all dependent on one another. The environment may be described in terms of the relations of living beings and non living things. The environment can be described in terms of the relations of living beings and non-living things.

The environment is where we live and die. If we do not keep our environment clean and healthy, humans will not survive for long. So let’s take a look at how the environment is our home and how we can preserve it for the future generation.

When we talk about a clean city, we’re not just talking about cleaning the house, but also the environment in which you currently live.

You should always keep in mind that if your house is clean, your city should be clean too, because if you live in your house and breathe clean air, it is because you live in a clean city.

Rural India is still far behind urban areas and rural development is also very slow. People leave the villages, move to the cities and start following the urban rules and definitions.

But when the townspeople come to the village, they don’t even care what they are doing by producing this waste. So we should always remember that the village is a place that needs to be cared for and kept clean and tidy.

As Indians, we all think that cities abroad are very clean and healthy. We don’t understand how people there keep the city clean, because it’s not just the rules of the city, but it’s the responsibility of every resident to keep the city clean and that’s the biggest difference between people abroad and in India.

Ever since the Indian government launched the Clean India program, people have started to see the importance of cleanliness in their neighborhoods. If we do it gradually, we can even make the whole of India clean and tidy, but for that we need everyone’s support.

Today, the Indian government has also introduced certain rules and regulations for cleaning the cities and those who do not follow these rules and regulations have to pay a fine of 500 to 1000 rupees. This makes people aware of the need for cleanliness and makes them realize that if you leave trash in a public place, you have to pay the price.

Now, after this punishment for littering, people are very much aware not to litter in public places because they know what fine can be imposed on an official there and if someone pays the fine, he or she has to go to court and the judge will take the right decision against their crime.

Today, even at school, children are asked to keep their school, college, home and all public places clean and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a cleanliness essay?

A cleanliness essay is a type of academic paper that discusses the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

What is cleanliness in simple words?

Cleanliness is the condition of being free from dirt or impurities.

How can we keep our environment clean?

We can recycle and reuse materials.

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