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Every society depends on social harmony, without it, people would not be able to function in a civilized manner. It is essential in the formation of any society and it is very necessary in the society today for the existence of communal harmony. Communal harmony is essential in the society and if it is not maintained, the society will be brought to the verge of ruin.



India is a democratically run country. Every person has the right to practice the religion of their choosing, and if they are not pleased with it, they have the option of changing it.

No state has yet proclaimed the same to be an official religion. Every religion and community in India is respected under the Indian constitution. Every religion has the freedom to maintain its beliefs.


The maintenance of community peace is essential for every nation’s growth. If a crisis arises from the outside, citizens of the nation should maintain unity among themselves. The legislation is enacted to punish individuals who refuse to preserve community peace or attempt to violate the rules governing it.

There Is Only One God

Essay-On-Mothers-Love-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The god is the creator of this vast world, and he is all for the same. God created mankind, but he did not establish a separate religion. Religion was created by a human person. Despite the fact that India is home to people of many religions, there is a sense of unity among them.

However, some individuals attempt to separate God’s children from each other in the name of religion, and as a result, numerous riots occur in India, taking the lives of many innocent people.

Some of the organizations are attempting to spread the chaos. The following are a few examples:

Riots in Moradabad

Essay-On-Communal-Harmony-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyThe riots began in August and are expected to go through November. The cause for the rioting was that certain members of the Muslim community began hurling stones at police when they refused to remove a pig from the Idgah.

Riots in Bhagalpur

1625969053_634_Essay-On-Communal-Harmony-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyThe riots took place in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district. It begins in the month of October 1989 and concludes in December 1989. The Bhagalpur district’s surrounding villages were severely impacted.


According to the study, over 2000 people died and nearly 50,000 people were seriously wounded.

Riots in Bombay

Essay-On-Communal-Harmony-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyThese riots begin in December 1992 and conclude in January the following year. Almost 1000 individuals from both the Hindu and Muslim communities died in the riots.

Riots in Gujarat

1625969055_170_Essay-On-Communal-Harmony-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyAt the Godhra station, the train returning from Ayodhya was set on fire. Almost 1000 individuals were killed and burned during the riots.

Riots in Canning

1625969055_648_Essay-On-Communal-Harmony-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyThe riots took occurred in February of this year. The murder of the Muslim clerk by an unknown assailant was the catalyst for the rioting. In retaliation, members of the Muslim community set fire to Hindu homes.

Apart from the riots mentioned above, there are riots in Bharuch, Nagpur, Sikh riots, Hyderabad riots, and Muzzafarpur.


Other countries across the world admire India for its democracy and secularism, although communal peace has sometimes been disrupted owing to a variety of factors. For a developed country, there must be mutual understanding amongst the various groups.

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