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Corruption is a major problem in the world today. It causes many problems such as poverty, unemployment, and inequality. It is a global issue that affects every individual on this planet.

Bribery and corruption essay is a topic that has always been present in society. This essay will cover the causes of corruption, as well as its effects on society. Read more in detail here: bribery and corruption essay.


Corruption in society is a significant issue that has arisen from time to time in many forms. Corruption is mostly committed by well-known major leaders in our society, and these individuals do significant harm to our community.

In today’s world, the primary scenario is that individuals who perform their jobs correctly and without corruption are unrecognizable in modern society, and these people are seen as fools, while those who take advantage of corruption and do their jobs illegally have a significant influence on society.


Political parties and criminals are the primary perpetrators of corruption. In today’s world, corruption has become a localized problem that can be solved quickly.

For example, if someone wants a government job but is not qualified, he pays the additional money, which is corrupt money, to obtain the position, and he can easily receive the government job.

Corruption-Inducing Factors 


The main reason of corruption in our society is that people today want to live a luxury life without having to do any hard work, and they want to have their job done quickly, so they pay money to have their work done. This leads to corruption in our society.

The ideals that we once held dear have been shattered and no longer apply in today’s society; this corruption has even spread to educational institutions.


On the other hand, if a government employee has a poor pay, he would engage in corruption by accepting corrupt money from individuals who wish to perform any type of government job but are unable to do it, so they provide money to the employee to do the government task.

Political parties, in particular, are corrupting society because they make money in unlawful methods and do not care about society.

Because of this political pressure, the members of the society do not speak out against corruption and instead allow it to flourish, allowing these individuals to acquire more influence and corrupt the society.

India’s Corruption Factors 


In India, production is referred to as a result of political parties having power, which allows them to do whatever they want without regard for the country’s laws and regulations.

Our nation’s economic development has slowed significantly as a result of this individual committing corruption inside the country.

Indian politics is a major political problem in our nation, since it is the source of the majority of corruption. The Indian administration has been tainted by this political party.

As a result, our country’s development has not been set extremely high in economic values, as a result of individuals corruption in the Indian economy.

Our Indian government should take action on this and eliminate the political parties that are responsible for this kind of corruption in society; as a result, our nation will become more progressive.

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The political corruption essay is a short essay that discusses the causes of political corruption.

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