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People have a natural tendency to be cruel to animals. This is the case because humans have been conditioned by society to see animals as objects of entertainment, rather than thinking about them as living beings.

The animal cruelty essays free is an essay on Cruelty to Animals for students in easy words.



Animal cruelty is a far more severe issue than it seems. An animal is mistreated every 60 seconds. And we sit hand in hand, oblivious to the fact that we are doing so, and we take them for granted. Animal cruelty occurs when an animal is abused or neglected.

Pushing animals into circumstances that hurt, frighten, or intimidate them on purpose. Every animal is a gift from nature to humanity, capable of all forms of love and caring. Animal cruelty may be perpetrated in a variety of ways, but it all has the same effect.


Animal Cruelty

Essay-on-pets-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadIgnorance leads to animal mistreatment. The animal is kept on the owner’s land, but the owner has no idea how to care for it. This cannot be used to justify their actions, and it is here that we must teach people about animal welfare.

Some animals are tied and spend days or weeks without food because their owners “forget,” which is not an excuse that can be used every day. In many instances, the owner is unaware that the animal is ill or does not want to invest the time and money required to treat their sick or injured pets.

Some animals are neglected their whole lives and die from starvation, untreated illness, dehydration, and other causes.

Abuse of Animals

1625965415_409_Essay-On-Pet-Dog-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyAnimal cruelty is defined as the intentional hurting of animals. Animal abuse occurs when a person kicks a dog for having an accident in the home or whips a horse for not obeying an order.

Neglect, hoarding, throwing, burning, stabbing, beating, fighting, shooting, and other forms of animal cruelty are widespread. Animals are also pulled out of their natural habitats and given antibiotics, and they are subjected to many scientific studies.

Exploitation of animals

1625963981_224_Essay-On-Wildlife-Protection-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Some individuals believe they have a legal claim to the animal they possess. They exploit animals in whatever manner they see fit, typically for financial gain. When exploitation is carried out against the animals, however, the scenario may be frightening, dangerous, and unjust.


Circuses, aquatic theme parks, zoos, and other entertainment venues often exploit animals. Animals are enslaved and imprisoned for years.

Predation on humans

1625967105_304_Essay-On-Indian-Cow-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Because people can readily rule and manipulate animals, humans are sometimes referred to be “apex predators.” Animals are preyed upon by humans. We treat them as if they were just food on a platter. We sometimes prey on animals without intending to devour them.

Fur farming is an excellent example. There’s no compelling reason to hunt animals. Animal abuse has been documented in industrial farming, hunting, and fishing.

Stopping The Abuse Cycle

1625962121_60_Speech-On-Deforestation-For-Students-Read-HereWitnessing animal abuse is a distressing experience. However, knowing how to handle the issue correctly may save a life. A few things we can do to prevent animal cruelty include educating ourselves and others about animal care and seeking medical treatment for wounded animals.

Befriend a chained dog’s owner if you see one. Learn about animal protection legislation. If you see someone abusing an animal, call the police. Teach children to treat animals with respect and not to hurt them. When it comes to you, do all you can to prevent animal abuse and assist a needy animal.

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The essay on animal cruelty is wrong and must be stopped. It is a problem that has been present for a long time, but it is getting worse as the years go by.

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