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essay on disaster management for students – Read Here World is always full of the disasters that are so many in number. Every day the world is facing some kind of disaster. This is the reason why the world is facing the numerous disasters. It is not that the world has no defense and protection from the disasters. But the problem is that we are not aware of the disasters and we are not prepared for them. We cannot be prepared for the disasters because we are not aware of them. So the disasters have its own way of striking and destroying our life. It is the reason why the world is facing the numerous disasters. It is not that the world has no defense and protection from the disasters. But the problem is that we are not aware of the

Disaster Management is a structured institution which is designed to reduce or eliminate the impact of disasters on people and their interests. It also is an act of preventive measure to avert disasters and minimise the damage by taking actions in advance. Disaster management is a combination of science, engineering and human resources. Disaster Management aims to prevent people from being adversely affected by disasters or to minimize the impact of disasters. Disaster Management aims at evolving a safe and resilient society to cope with disasters. It is a combination of science, technology, engineering and human resources aiming to prevent people from being adversely affected by disasters or to minimize the impact of disasters.

The best way to prepare for a disaster is to understand what it is and how it can affect your life. The following essay will give you some insights on the disaster management and its importance.


Disaster is an event that occurs in people’s lives and causes their lives to alter drastically. People’s lives are destroyed by disasters, and their way of life is altered.

The lives of the people are ruined in a short period of time as a result of the catastrophe that occurs. Catastrophes may take various forms, but the majority of people are affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes or many volcanic eruptions.


When a catastrophe strikes a nation, it suffers a huge loss since many people are killed and the whole country is devastated. If a catastrophe occurs in a nation that is rapidly developing, it may have an impact on the country’s growth.

a natural catastrophe


Natural disasters are catastrophes that occur unintentionally as a result of earthquakes and floods. These disasters may result in the death of many people, injuries to many people, destruction of property and structures, and harm to the environment.

Natural catastrophes may also be caused by volcanic eruptions and cyclones. Because of the rapid increase of the population and the lack of control over the pollution produced by the growing population, these factors may have an adverse effect on the ecosystem, resulting in natural catastrophes.


This catastrophe halts the nation’s growth and development, resulting in many harmful consequences throughout the country for an extended length of time. There are numerous catastrophes that are created by people in addition to natural disasters. The nation’s economy has been decimated in order to properly rebuild the country.

Management of Natural Disasters


Catastrophe management is the process of dealing with a disaster that has affected the whole nation as a result of a natural disaster or a man-made disaster.

Because there are so many nations in the earthquake-prone area, the governments of these countries must handle all of the disasters that have occurred and take every precaution to prevent such disasters from occurring again.

Our nation, India, has also been in the path of natural catastrophes in the past, as shown by many calamities.

As in the case of the mega storm that hit Orissa in October 1999 and the earthquake that hit Gujarat in January 2001, these natural catastrophes have had a devastating impact on our nation, particularly our economy.

In the year 1977, a cyclone struck India in Tamilnadu, completely destroying the region since this portion of India is located along the coast. The regions most vulnerable to natural catastrophes are those that are close to the shore.

To avoid this natural catastrophe, this region should take certain measures. Since then, our government has taken proactive steps to address the issues that may arise in the future.

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Disaster Management for students is a complicated subject which is also a very necessary one in today’s world. This is because the increasing globalization has been posing a grave threat to the various regions of the world, and the very life of the inhabitants. So, in order to prevent such an unfortunate event from occurring, the government and other public institutions must be employed to make the world a safe and secure place to live in.. Read more about disaster management in kerala essay and let us know what you think.

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