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Female foeticide is a social and economic issue that has been around for centuries. It’s the practice of aborting female fetuses in order to give birth to sons, who would be more valuable than daughters due to their ability to provide labor and perform household tasks. This practice is most prevalent in countries where women are still considered second-class citizens and have limited access to education.

Female foeticide is a term used to describe the practice of killing female babies or unborn girls. It is a problem that has been present for a while and it is not going away anytime soon.


Female foeticide is defined as a non-legal abortion of a female fetus. In India, female foeticide is becoming more common.

Most individuals dislike having a female as a kid, therefore when they learn that the child is a girl, they abort the pregnancy before the child is born.


There is a significant gender disparity in the birth of girls and boys because when a male kid is born, people do not abort it, but when a girl child is born, they abort the baby, and this has become a major issue of gender disparity. According to sources, there are about 940 females for every 1000 boys.

Gender disparities are a major issue in India, where many feel that a girl is a danger because of the country’s dowry system, which places a financial burden on the people. As a result, individuals are more likely to give birth to a male than a girl.

Female Foeticide: Causes and Consequences


The most common cause of female foeticide is a family’s economic crisis. When a family’s finances are tight, people prefer to have a boy child because a boy child can work and provide income, whereas a girl child can’t work and must do all of the household chores, so she won’t be able to provide for her family. These beliefs lead to the girl child being aborted.

Another reason for the abortion of a girl child is that once she has been raised and is ready to marry, there is a dowry system in India, where a girl child’s family is required to give money, appliances, and other items to the boy’s family. As a result of this act, people believe that women are a burden to their families.


This legislation is mostly implemented in the northern and western parts of India, such as Rajasthan and other states, where the economy is weak and the poverty rate is high.

Because once a woman marries, she joins another family and is unable to provide for her family, while males who are reared are able to provide for their families. Girls are not provided the education they need and are constantly kept under the supervision of guys.

Changes in the Past


The Indian government has implemented many reforms in the past. Now, a boy and a girl are treated equally, with no gender distinctions.

All of the benefits that a guy receives from school have been given to girls as well, and everything has been done equally for both.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Indian government has taken a major role in women’s education by organizing many camps such as Beti Bachao. He has established a fantastic initiative for female education called Beti Padhao.

In today’s India, a family celebrates the birth of a female child with great pleasure and excitement, and there are no gender distinctions between a boy and a girl, and the Indian government has done a fantastic job in achieving this equality.

Today’s women are generally on par with boys in all areas, such as technical, scientific, and business; in fact, a woman is always one step ahead of a male. Women should be treated equally to men, and gender equality should be maintained in all nations.

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Female infanticide in Japan is a very serious issue. It has been happening since the 18th century and it still continues today. This essay will discuss how female infanticide happens, what are the consequences of it, and what can be done to stop this practice. Reference: female infanticide in japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is female Foeticide in simple language?

Female Foeticide is the act of killing a female fetus in order to reduce the number of females.

What is female Foeticide Class 10 short answer?

Female Foeticide is the killing of a female fetus. It is usually done through abortion, but can also be done through infanticide or neglect.

What is female Foeticide Class 10 Social?


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