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Global warming is the term used to describe the gradual increase in average global temperature over time. It can also be referred to as climate change. The effects of global warming are already being seen all around the world, with some countries having to adapt their lifestyles due to rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions.

Global warming is a phenomenon that has been occurring for a long time. It has been happening because of the increased use of fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases. Read more in detail here: write a paragraph on global warming in 150 words.


Global warming is rapidly becoming a significant issue for the whole planet. This isn’t just an issue in one nation; it’s a problem that affects the whole globe. Global warming refers to a continual rise in temperature, and as a result of this rise in temperature, our planet is becoming more heated, causing ice to melt on Antarctica and the amount of water in the seas to rise. Humans and their movements are the primary cause of global warming.

That is why everyone should be aware of it. If the rate of global warming continues to rise at this rate, the world will be destroyed in no time. The Earth’s temperature has risen dramatically in the past 25 years.


 Global Warming’s Impact


In basic words, the phrase “global warming” refers to a rise in the earth’s temperature. The most significant reason for the rise in our planet’s temperature is the continual growth in pollution, which causes carbon dioxide levels to rise and the ozone layer to deteriorate. Let us explain what the ozone layer is and how it protects us from the sun’s harmful rays. It keeps the sun’s harmful rays from reaching the Earth.

Increased Global Warming And Its Consequences



The primary cause of continued global warming is rising pollution, which is creating the issue of global warming. The continual harvesting of ponds, instead of buildings and industries, is causing the clean air to become polluted, and the continuous harvesting of ponds is causing the clean air to become impure. The increasing number of human people living on greens (a area of public grassy space, particularly in the heart of a town) at home is causing more pollution. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is steadily rising as the amount of smoke produced by various modes of transportation increases. The continual growth of greenhouse gases, which once entered the earth’s atmosphere but cannot readily return to space, causes the Earth’s temperature to rise.

Global Warming’s Negative Effects


Forest fires will become more common as a result of global warming. Earthquake and storm surge risks will rise as a result of global warming. As the earth’s temperature rises, the snow on the mountains will melt and floods will occur. As a result of the ice melting, the sea level will rise. People who are exposed to higher levels of carbon dioxide gas are more likely to get cancer. Many kinds of animals and birds will be unable to live as a result of global warming, and the desert will spread owing to severe heat.

Preventative Measures


People must increase awareness about global warming in order to avoid it. Vehicles that are required to pollute should be prohibited. To minimize deforestation and plant more trees, air conditioning and other cooling equipment should be utilized. To prevent the negative consequences of global warming, we must think about it carefully. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, therefore people should be encouraged to plant more of them. Every individual on the planet will have to play their part correctly if we are to remain safe on the planet in the future years.

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The short essay on global warming is an essay that will help students learn about global warming. It will also teach the basics of how it works, and what are its impacts.

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