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Haritha Haram is a novel that was written by the Indian author, Mahasweta Devi. The book was published in 1984 and it tells the story of a young woman from a poor family who has to work as a maid for her brother-in-law’s business.

Haritha Haram is the first woman to be appointed as a judge in India. She was born on November 18, 1935 and died on September 17, 2002.



On the 3rd of July in 2015, the state of Telangana began the Haritha haram campaign, which was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Telangana, Sri Chandra Sekhar Rao.

The Haritha Haram initiative aimed to plant millions of saplings in order to enhance greenery and forest cover, which would assist to reduce pollution while also providing fullness to the ecosystem and protecting it from global warming.


Telangana has a 24 percent greenery cover and has set a goal of 32 percent greenery in the future years. It has also begun a massive planting initiative.

The main goal of the Haritha haram campaign is to maintain ecological balance because forest cover is dwindling due to the use of it for residential purposes or the construction of business factories, which reduces weight and increases residential area, disrupting the ecological balance because animals do not have a safe place to leave and end up in cities and towns, where they attack people.



The Haritha haram program has had a significant impact on Telangana’s infrastructure, as well as increasing forest cover, commonly called as green cover, to a larger degree, and creating a better environment in the state.

The Haritha haram campaign has also given refuge to animals, allowing them to live in the forest rather than coming into cities and towns to harm humans, resulting in significant tranquility for Telangana residents.

The quantity of rainfall has risen as a result of this planting effort, and the issue of water scarcity has reduced. It has also played a critical part in reducing global warming, which is a significant problem that must be addressed by every city, nation, and the whole globe.




Haritha haram is an anti-Haritha campaign. Hey Shona, you may grade progress in the following areas, and you’ll be provided reports at regular intervals, which will help the campaign move faster.

Sri Bhim Shankar Rao has also made a number of surprise visits to monitor the development of the Haritha haram campaign and to resolve the issue of elected representatives’ participation in the campaign.

The government also intends to plant about 46 crore trees this season.

The Haritha haram movement has focused its efforts on expanding forest cover and improving Telangana’s ecological balance.

Not only is it ensured that the sapling is planted, but it is also ensured that the plant receives water, even in dry conditions, via different means and techniques.



The Haritha haram campaign’s conclusion is about engaging Telangana’s leaders and people in the development of the city by planting saplings and making it green and pollution-free.

There were also a lot of money available to preserve the trees that were planted as part of the Haritha haram campaign.

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The essay on haritha haram in hindi is an essay written by the famous Indian author Mahatma Gandhi. It was published in his newspaper, Harijan in 1938.

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