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It has been said that the health care system in America is broken. There are many reasons why this is true, but one of the biggest problems is that pharmaceutical companies often have a monopoly on medicine. This means that they can charge whatever they want for their medication and there is no way to change it or stop them.

The good health and well-being essay is an essay that discusses how students can improve their physical and mental well-being. It is written in easy words that are appropriate for students.



Each and every individual in the world has the right to be healthy. If a person is not healthy and does not pay attention to their health, there is a possibility that he or she will not be able to give their all to their job, which will impair their ability to concentrate.

Human Well-BeingEssay-on-Health-and-Medicines-For-Students-in-Easy-Words

Every human being should be healthy, and they should constantly ensure that their surroundings are as well, since if you live in a healthy atmosphere, you will naturally feel healthy and active in all aspects of your life. So it’s not enough to concentrate only on your healthy food and luxury lifestyle; you need also ensure that the surroundings and people around you are healthy.


It’s possible they aren’t your family or friends, but you know them and they aren’t capable of keeping themselves well, but you are, so just assist them in staying healthy. Never forget that if you assist someone today, that assistance will be repaid to you at some point in the future.


Now, if we speak about drugs, 80 percent of people rely on them to survive because they have some kind of condition for which they are taking medications. And we must address that issue and make their lives simpler.


No one like taking medications, and they make every effort to avoid doing so, yet it is beyond their control. So, whether you want to consume or not, you just have to decide if you want to live with that issue for the rest of your life or take a few medications and eliminate it from your life for a better future.

There are now individuals who can’t afford even life-saving medications, therefore the government has launched a general medicine program to help them. Well, in these medications, the individual receives the same kind of drug that is made by a branded business, but the firm that produces these medicines is not as branded, but the substance in these medicines is similar and even effective at the same level.

Need to Maintain Good Health1625964644_160_Essay-On-Sharing-is-Caring-For-Students-In-Easy-Words

In rural regions, there are individuals who don’t even comprehend the need of being healthy. Even if they are not feeling well or if they have a sickness in their body, there are still individuals who utilize home remedies to solve their problems.

We can’t blame them since they are uneducated, and the services that they should have received from the government have not been delivered to them, so they have begun to care for themselves in order to get healthy.

However, they must recognize that the issues they are now experiencing are not curable by any home remedy, and they must recognize the significance of being healthy and taking care of their health.


Health is something that is important to everyone. It can be your life or the life of someone you love. There are many different types of health, and they vary depending on what kind of person you are. Reference: health essay example.

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