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Janmashtami is the Sanskrit word for festival of the God Lord Krishna, which falls in the month of September-October. The festivities of this festival are popular in all parts of India, even those who are not Hindus. The Janmashtami festival begins on the birth date of Lord Krishna, which is also known as Krishnastami.

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The representatives of the Hindu religion in India celebrate Janmashtami with great enthusiasm. Janmashtami is a special festival of the Hindus, on this day Lord Krishna is born. Therefore, this festival is celebrated as the birthday of Krishna Ji. This festival is celebrated with joy and gaiety all over the country.

Why is the festival of Janmashtami celebrated?

Sri Krishna was the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva. The birth of Lord Sri Krishna was meant to destroy the darkness and evil forces that had spread over the earth. Sri Krishna is also said to have been a true brahmana who had attained Nirvana.

The blue color of Krishna reveals the infinite potential of heaven and the power of God. Lord Krishna was born on that day at noon. On the sacred festival of Janmashtami, people start fasting exactly at noon and continue all day to celebrate the birthday of Kanha-ji.

The different names of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna has many names like Gopal, Shyamsunder, Gobardhandhari, Dwarkadhish, Dindayal, Savarya, Venkatesh, Govinda, Chittoor, Muralidhar, Bansidhar, Mohan, Murari, Srinathji, Thakurji, Vithal and Jagannath etc. Lord Krishna is also known by different names in different places.

How do we celebrate Lord Krishna’s Janmashtami?

On Janmashtami, people of Hindu faith pay homage to Lord Krishna, they worship Krishna on this festival in the temples and celebrate the birthday with great joy and gaiety. The whole atmosphere becomes pious.

On this occasion, women prepare different dishes at home and offer them to Lord Krishna. During Sri Krishna Janmashtami, a large annual fair is organized in many places. In many places like Vrindavan, Mathura, Dwarka, Tegra etc. a very nice annual market is organized. This fair lasts a few days.

Special preparations for Sri Krishna Janmashtami

The temples are specially decorated on the day of Sri Krishna Janmashtami. On this occasion, people prepare their Bala Gopal by donning Sri Krishna’s robe. On this day, events related to the life of Lord Sri Krishna are staged in the form of a theatrical performance in front of the idol.

Everywhere you see little children in costumes of Lord Krishna and Radha. The whole atmosphere becomes krshnamayan. Sri Krishna’s character is praised everywhere. Ras Leela performances are organized.

Dahi Handi Match

It is also a tradition to hold Dahi Handi competitions on the holy festival of Janmashtami. Bal Govinda, of all people, is also participating in this contest. Uteruses filled with buttermilk, cottage cheese, etc. are hung from a rope, and the young men then try to break the uteruses.

The participants in this competition build giant human towers and break this pot. Whoever manages to break this pot will be declared the winner. At the same time, the winning team will also be awarded at the Dahi Handi competition.


Lord Krishna was a great philosopher. Krishna’s followers have been celebrating his birthday for thousands of years. Their fame has increased in our time. Not only Indians but also foreigners are devotees of Krishna. The number of followers is increasing day by day.


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