Essay On My Aim In Life To Become A Doctor For Students & Children In Simple English

A doctor is a person who practices medicine, surgery, or dentistry. The word doctor comes from Latin docere meaning “to teach”.

The essay on my aim in life to become a doctor 150 words is an essay written by a student who wants to become a doctor.


Aim or ambition is very essential in everyone’s life since it provides a sense of direction for their work.

Every individual has a similar goal in life as to what he wants to be when he grows up and decides on a professional path after completing his education.


Many individuals want to be successful engineers, pilots, IT professionals, and many other professions. I, too, aspire to be a doctor in my life since the life of a doctor is a respectable one.

Many people’s lives are saved by doctors, and they also assist many individuals who are ill in curing and treating illnesses. It has been stated that a doctor’s service is the most important service to suffering mankind since preserving a life is a wonderful task that any doctor can perform and is well worth it.

A Doctor


If a person has a severe issue or is sick, they go to the doctor in the hopes of receiving treatment from the doctor, and a doctor is a person who offers people hope and pleasure.

It is my goal to become a doctor and treat many people, and when I do, I will be extremely nice to the poor and needy people who are unable to get treatment, and I will assist them without charging them, since helping people will be my job and practice that I will mainly perform when I become a doctor.


To become a doctor, I must travel a long road and complete many studies and experiments, but I am certain that I will meet my objectives, realize my ambitions, and accomplish my goal.

When I Grow Up To Be A Doctor


When I achieve my ambition in the future, I want to be a successful doctor because we can see in India that many villages are facing many problems and that there are fewer trained doctors in our areas, and it is our responsibility as Indian citizens to solve the problems because there are many problems such as sanitation and pollution, which cause many people to become ill, and it is in the hands of doctors to solve these problems.

When I become a doctor, I plan to establish my own clinic in a community where there are a lack of physicians, where I would assist the people and provide medications and therapy at a low cost so that they can easily get care.

Many individuals should adopt this issue as their own and enter the profession of medicine, where they may be educated and assist other people who are sick, resulting in more physicians and people being able to be treated more readily.

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The i want to become a doctor essay for class 3 is an essay that explains the author’s aim in life. It is about how he wants to help students and children with their health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you aim your life in a doctor?

I am a doctor.

What is your ambition in life as a medical student?

I want to be a doctor that helps people.

How can I write my aim in life essay?

This is a question that I cannot answer.

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