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We all want to know that our best friend is always there for us, but this is not always possible. For one thing, we live in a competitive world where people often want what we have, and for another, we do not always share the same interests. In high school, however, we get to know our best friends and they get to know us too, for better or for worse.

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My best friend is my brother, Azhar, who is a 9th standard student in standard 6. He is very good in studies and is a cheerful boy. He is a very good student, but due to his shyness he is not a good speaker. He can express him self by writing and narrating what he feels. I have known him since I was born, so I know about his likes, dislikes, dreams, ambitions, fears and wishes. He is a very patient child. He always tries to maintain his friends and family by doing the best. He is also very kind. He is a true friend. He is my only hope.. Read more about my best friend essay for class 6 100 words and let us know what you think.



We meet a lot of individuals during our lives because, as we all know, people come and go. But there are certain individuals who remain our closest friends for the rest of our lives.

I had a lot of friends while I was in nursery, but when the standard changed, all of my pals disappeared. All of this, I believe, stems from the desire for a trustworthy and beautiful friend in one’s life. To have a best friend, we must be faithful to them in every manner they are devoted to us; I, too, have a best friend.


Best Friend of Mine

Essay-On-My-Best-Friend-For-Class-4-Students-InArya is the name of my closest buddy. I met her when I was in eighth grade since our divisions were not the same and we were in separate classrooms, but we were fortunate enough to meet in the Tuition class. For starters, there was a quarrel between us in Tuition class for a ridiculous reason.

But there was a moment when she stepped in to assist me when I was in need, such as when I was struggling with arithmetic. So she came to my house and taught me arithmetic, and that’s when we started talking. When we were together for business, there was a particular movement.

She became a special person in my life, and I’m sure I became special for her as well, since she never leaves me alone to do any of the job. If she wasn’t with me, life was extremely important; our studies, conversations, and games were all unique.


If I make a mistake in my life, she is the one who constantly stops me and corrects me, and if she is incorrect, I am the one who corrects her. She is extremely attractive, and her face was constantly bright with a grin.

She never harms me since she is aware that I am a hothead and understands how to deal with my rage.

She is the one person, apart from my parents, who is constantly concerned about me and never allows me to weep for any reason. If she had a difficulty, I was to stand behind her, and she was always there for me through my tough times.

1625966026_943_Essay-On-My-Friend-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211We always participated in all of the school’s curricular activities together, and we had quite varied levels of pleasure.

When we split in college, she chose a different profession and I chose a different field, life became very important.

Our relationship has deteriorated as a result of this, but we are still in touch, and yes, the friendship has not changed; we meet today as well, and if there are any issues, we meet. However, since the studies are now different, the group study is absent.

I adore my best friend and would be lost without her since she has become an integral part of my life. And no one in my life will ever be able to take her place. As a result, her and my tastes are never the same, yet she is still my closest friend.

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Hello my friend. Today we’ll do essay writing on my best friend for class 4 students in easy words. I am very happy to write the essay on my best friend and this is my best friend in my life. My best friend is a girl and her name is Neha Sharma. I am very happy to have my best friend in my life. I am very thankful to have my best friend in my life. My best friend is very kind and She is very sweet and beautiful. She is very jolly and honest. She is very lively and energetic. She is very cute and noble. Neha is very cute and charming. She is very adorable and lovable. She is very lovable and adorable. I am very happy to have. Read more about essay my best friend 350 words and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an essay about my best friend?

There are a few different ways to write an essay about your best friend. You can either write about the time you first met, what makes them special, or how they have changed your life.

What is a best friend essay?

A best friend essay is a short essay that you write about your best friend.

What should I write in my best friend paragraph?

You should write about how you met and what your friendship means to you.

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