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My best teacher was not easy to find. I found him in the most unlikely of places, in a classroom at my school. He taught me everything about life and helped me grow into the person I am today.

My best teacher is the one who taught me how to make mistakes, because that person helped me grow as a person. Read more in detail here: my favourite teacher 10 lines.



A teacher is someone who not only imparts academic knowledge to their pupils, but also instills moral values in them.

Every teacher has a significant impact on the lives of their students. Every pupil is expected to become a successful human being. They educate us how to be responsible citizens of our country in order for the country to flourish.


My Favorite Professor

Essay-On-My-Best-Teacher-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsDuring my school days, I met a lot of instructors, all of them were dedicated to providing quality education to all of their pupils and were extremely kind, but my favorite teacher was Miss Anupama madam.

Anupama, our science and math teacher, used to educate us. First and foremost, her teaching style sets her apart from others; despite the fact that she is teaching a difficult topic, she manages to make it easy and enjoyable.

We, as students, were always looking forward to her lectures. She used to handle all of her students the same way.


1625965298_388_Essay-On-Qualities-Of-A-Good-Teacher-For-Students-InMiss nature was quite peaceful, according to Anupama. She always seems to be extremely attractive. If a kid did not grasp a subject, she would teach it to them again and again, and if they still did not understand, she would summon them to the staffroom and inform them.


If a student in the class does anything wrong, she receives a special penalty. She assigned them to write the science chapter from the textbook once, and the kid became fearful of misbehaving in class as a result.

The primary reason for this writing penalty is to ensure that the chapter is learned and understood.


Essay-On-My-Mother-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Anupama miss always wears a light-colored, simple outfit; since she is fair, white clothing suits her well. She doesn’t wear any makeup, yet she is the most attractive teacher in the school at any event or celebration.

Exceptional Personality

1625965780_50_Essay-On-My-Teacher-For-Class-1-Students-In-EasyHer one-of-a-kind personality is what makes her my favorite instructor. Her approach to all of the students was quite different from that of the others. She never makes me feel like I’m at school, in her lecture, or at home, which is how we all imagine learning.

She not only teaches academic subjects, but she also instills proper moral values in us. She also attempts to mold us into responsible individuals who will be successful in the future.

She advises us to constantly follow the truth and the road of honesty, even if it is a tough path to travel, since it will lead us to success.

She also uses numerous tales and examples to educate about respect and discipline. She is constantly experimenting with different methods of teaching, so we are able to grasp the material.


Anupama miss has imprinted her moral mark on me. After my parents, she was the first outstanding personality I encountered.

I wish my finest instructor could always be there to mentor me throughout my life. I am lucky to have her as a teacher.

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This essay on my best teacher for students has been written in easy words. It is a must read to all the students. Reference: my best teacher essay pdf.

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