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A cartoon is an animated representation of any character, such as an animal or a human being, and is usually presented in a comic book with a funny plot. It’s every child’s favorite activity, and we can all deal with it. During my visit, I hid the remote control so I could watch my favorite cartoons. And of course, I was very serious about doing my homework or studying until the show started. And of course, my parents don’t blame me, they let me watch because I’m a good kid who watches TV after school. It’s funny, isn’t it? It was a little tactic each of us had to do when we were kids.

Speaking of my favorite shows, there were different shows on different channels that I watched with a lot of programs. But one of the series that has always been and always will be my favorite is the Tom and Jerry series. Congratulations to the makers of Hannah and Joseph Barbara for making this work.


Tom and Jerry are based on a story that takes place in a house in which the owner has a pet cat named Tom. And in this house, there’s a mouse named Jerry. My favorite is definitely Jerry. He’s so cute. The animated shorts are based on stories in which Jerry comes to steal something in the kitchen and Tom tries to catch him. But he never does, because Jerry is very cunning and a lot of crap always happens when he runs and hunts.

Although Jerry is bolder and provokes Tom, they are always very friendly when a third party interferes with certain goals, which is often the case. Although it is only a cat and a mouse, a bulldog named Spike and his son Tyke is also part of the story. Depending on the plot, certain secondary characters are introduced. For example, Jerry’s cousin, Tom’s friends at the side of the road, or stray cats, and so on.

I’m sure it’s the favorite cartoon of most people, including people of all ages. Programs are never boring, not even when one or two recurring series are presented in a loop. It is always wanted because even children who are born now will love this cheeky bunch of best friends. He is one of the most successful cartoon characters.

My favorites are also the shows of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Looney Tunes. I am a child at heart, and even now I will watch a cartoon if something good is shown.

The animation industry has a bright future. There’s a lot of demand for animators, and if a character is woven into an interesting story, children are sure to like it, and that’s the most important thing for the success of an animated series. Bags and other children’s accessories such as pencil boxes, tiffin boxes, etc. also contain cartoon images, making them more popular and famous. The Pokémon and Ben 10 series are also very popular. And, of course, our very own Chhota Bhim…

Essay on my favorite cartoon character | Essay on Tom and Jerry | Essay on Chota Bhima | Note on my favorite cartoon character | My favorite cartoon character TOM & JERRY

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