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From the time when we were kids, birds have always been a great interest with us and we always wondered where did the beauty of peacock come from? Any ways, it is a great pleasure to share with you some of the interesting facts that we found about peacock and now I want to share with you the bird named peacock with you.

The peacock is the largest and most beautiful bird that we have. This bird is so elegant, it does not need much of food to live. It is different from other bird because its color is so attractive. It also has many beautiful feathers.

I had always admired birds and we had a lot of peacocks in my village. I was fascinated by peacocks and I had seen their beauty in the zoo. I was also interested in their behaviour, and I had seen them displaying their feathers to attract the females.   I had also read a lot about them in books and I had also seen them in movies.. Read more about my favorite bird peacock essay in english and let us know what you think.


Peacocks like green fields and are often observed near water sources, thus they are more common in Indian villages. Peacocks are also beneficial to farmers since they consume insects and insects found in crops.

Peacock and Its Importance



The peacock is 15 to 25 years old and has wings that are over one meter long. Peacocks have approximately 200 feathers in the form of a moon, all of which are brightly colored.

It is a bird that lives in a flock and typically perches on the branches of large trees such as peepal, banyan, and neem. The peacock is revered in Hinduism because Lord Shri Krishna wore the peacock’s wings on his head, and the peacock is also the chariot of Goddess Kartik, Lord Shiva’s son.

Father’s Regeneration and Its Demand


Its feathers are hollow, and they were employed in early ink writing as well. It has feathers that are as soft as velvet. New feathers are added each year, and old ones are flushed; its wings are used to make beautiful bouquets; its hands are fashioned to consume air in the summer; and it is currently utilized in a range of contemporary designs. Because only a few herbs can be produced from its wings, there is a market for them.



The beauty of peacocks captivated Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who ordered the throne to be constructed of peacock feathers. It took six years for him to ascend to the throne. It was brought in with precious diamonds from both within and outside the nation.


People began killing them as a result, and their numbers began to decrease. As a result, the Indian government outlawed peacock hunting under the Wild Act of 1972, granting the peacock protection. If someone hunts now, he will be sentenced to criminal imprisonment. However, this bird is being hunted today, and the government requires particular care.



Peacocks are males, whereas pearls are females. The peacock isn’t very attractive; Its wings are large; the feathers are tiny and brown in hue. Its body is likewise smaller than that of a peacock. Green is present on a tiny portion of the pearl neck. Pearl lays 4 to 5 eggs twice a year, with only one or two of them being safe.

Climate Change Is a Well-Known Fact


When the monsoon comes in India, the peacock is overjoyed, and he spreads his wings and dances slowly, which is both lovely to see and makes the female happy.

Peacock birds are so careful that when a natural disaster strikes, they are already aware of it, and they make a loud noise to alert all other birds and humans. You must have seen a number of earthquakes before it begins to speak in a loud voice.

India’s pride

Our country’s pride is the peacock. Please protect it from being hunted since its numbers are dwindling, and people should be aware of the significance of peacocks. To preserve the peacock’s life, the government should take drastic measures.

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I am a student of class 10th. Writing is my hobby. I like to write essays, poems, stories, news and letters. Writing is like a gift to me. My teacher told me that writing is a gift that any person can learn and many people can earn a living by writing. I also know that English is a most popular language in the world. It is a language of the whole world. I am also fond of English. English is a language of my heart. I like English very much.. Read more about essay on peacock for class 1 in tamil and let us know what you think.

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A peacock paragraph is a type of literary device in which the author uses an unusual word or phrase to create an effect. The most common example is peacock paragraph itself, which uses the word peacock four times in one sentence.

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The peacock is a colorful bird with a long tail and fan-like feathers. It has iridescent blue, green, and gold plumage.

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