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There are some many games in the world that we can find. It is a hard job to find out one of the best games that is played in the world. Yes, I am talking about the game that is called football. There are so many versions of this game that you are thinking about it. But there is one version that I prefer most than others.

When it comes to a sport, every person likes and every person likes to argue. When you talk about the game of football, it is not so simple. Everyone has a favorite team. No matter where in the world you go, everyone has a favorite sport. Some like to read about cricket more than others. Some prefer to read about tennis. Some like to read about football. If you are one of those people who likes to read about football, then you are very lucky to have found this blog.

One of the most popular sports is football and one of the most played games is football. Football is played all over the world and it is the most watched sport in the world today. Football is also popular among students.. Read more about my favourite game football essay in english and let us know what you think.



 We all like sports, and football is the greatest sport that we can do in our everyday routine to keep our bodies fit and good. If we play football on a regular basis, we will never be sickly.

School-aged children



Most schools, as we all know, have their own sports fields, and they make certain that the entire field is utilized by the students. The majority of the pupils have engaged in various sports.

Football is one of the most popular school sports today, and every child aspires to be a member of the football squad. It is a passionate game throughout the school year.

They also get certain advantages as a result of this, such as not having to attend lectures if they are playing or preparing for a football game at the same time. They will not be penalized if they do not do their homework. While kids are playing school football as a team, they get a number of advantages.                  

Duration of College

Essay-On-My-Favourite-Game-Football-For-Students-In-EasyCollege is the next stage in your life after you finish high school. When it comes to choosing a college and a major, you are extremely picky. 


Do you believe that playing for your school and representing them at the state and national level will assist you in your college career?

Yes, that would be very beneficial to you. The college will treat you as a special child and provide you with all of the necessary resources to ensure that you play as part of the college squad. Even though your grades are below those of the other students, since you are a part of a very large game, you are treated as a special kit and given immediate entrance.

This is known as the sports quota, and it assists students who are enthusiastic about playing sports. Nowadays, every institution offers this chance. As a result, they become a symbol of a larger objective.

Football’s Future

1625966100_320_Essay-On-My-Favourite-Game-Football-For-Students-In-EasyWell, just a few individuals are capable of combining their love with job. However, there are some that work as hard as or even harder than the rest.

Whereas others are completely focused on their academics, they are completely focused on their football, which they are approaching carefully and methodically. They will achieve their objective, and on that day, everyone will speak about and set an example for their hard work.

India has its own football team, and the players are all ordinary people. Who hasn’t got adequate instruction and the necessary equipment when playing football? 

But they work hard to accomplish their objectives, and now they are re-presenting India. FIFA is the world’s largest football competition. 

Today, India has made history by participating in a very old game known as football, and the country will soon establish a girl’s football squad as well.

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Essay On My Favourite Game Football For Students In Easy Words – Read Here. This is my favorite game of football. I have been playing football since I was 4 years old. I love football; it is my life. I like playing football because I like to hit people, also I like to kick the ball very much. I also like it because it is my life and I have so many friends playing football. We love football because it makes us happy, and it makes our life easy. So I would like to play football when I become a man. I would like to play football because it is fun. If I was not playing football, I would not have so many friends playing it. I like football because I can play. Read more about my favourite sport essay 150 words and let us know what you think.

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Football is a favorite game because it is the most popular sport in the world.

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