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I have a pet peeve when we are writing papers. We often do not pay enough attention to the details of our writing to make sure it is good enough to be published. This is especially true when it comes to writing the introduction to our essays.

In a country like ours, where there is always a lot of competition for a good education, it is not easy for a student to find a good school. The same with our children, they want to be the best and they want to be the best in everything. So, for them to be the best in all the way that they can be, they need to know what they should do in order to make their school a better place to study.

There are a lot of gardens in our world, but not a lot of them are for people who do not have a garden. So here is an essay for pre-school students and children. This essay will talk about the things that you can do in your garden, and will also talk about the things that you will need for your garden.. Read more about paragraph describing a beautiful garden and let us know what you think.


My Garden

Every Indian person should cultivate the habit of gardening. We should always plant a tree for the sake of our future simply because there is a saying that says “Go green, Go clean,” which implies that if there is more greenery, pollution will spread less.

Plants are the greatest friends of people who never expect anything in return, as I also like gardening. We have a balcony at my house, which is connected to my room. It has enough space for our balcony.


My father urged me to make that space suitable for flower growing and containers. He also assisted me much in this job by teaching me how to grow trees or plants.

For the garden, you need hire an expert.


It gave me great joy to discover that my mum shares my love of plants and flowers. She also enjoys growing plants and flowers, and she was the one who planted the flower in the garden after I told her that.

We planned to turn the barren plot of land at our new home into a garden after we had moved there. The soil in the garden was not excellent enough to grow grass and plants immediately since the home had been empty for years.

Only my mother had hired a professional gardener before me. He worked on the soil for almost a week, watering it frequently, digging it with various instruments, and pouring manure. He planted grass and a few plants shortly after that. We were overjoyed to see our small garden in full bloom.

When is the best time to visit?

After my tuition courses, I often go out with my friends in the evenings before I intend to plant a garden. It provides me with a welcome break after a hard day at school and after my tuition. We head to a local church for some evening prayer before going for a lengthy stroll to catch up with a buddy.


But, although I still look forward to this time every day, I now spend most of my evenings in my garden. I often invite my friends to my home. My mother offers hot tea or coffee, as well as snacks, to us in the garden. It is, without a doubt, the greatest method for me to spend my evening hours.

Planting a garden


My mother and I decided to go to the plant nursery and purchase some plants for our yard. White lilies, vibrant hibiscus, roses, pansies, sunflowers, bougainvillea, and a variety of other flowers were among the blooms.

The trees we supplied were carefully planted in various areas of the garden. The bougainvillea is a climber that was supported by the sticks when it was planted. It climbed the stick and spread over it within a month. The lovely pink flower bouquets that bloomed on it were a delight.

We chose to grow flowers that looked similar in the same spot. As a result, the roses were planted in one of the corners. A row of lilies was planted nearby, and hibiscus plants were put in the garden’s opposite corner. Everything seemed to be really stunning. The plants quickly established themselves in the garden, and tiny buds sprouted.

Every time I saw a bud, I was overjoyed. Flowers quickly began to bloom in our garden. Our home was filled with the pleasant scent of flowers. Because the garden is such an essential part of my life, I like blooming many of the flowering plants in it.

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My garden is located in South America. It is located in a place which is the South America, which is the geographical area which is between the Equator and the South Pole. My garden is located in an area which is the Amazon rainforest. It is located in Suriname. My garden is situated in the tropical rainforest. It is situated in the south of Suriname. My garden is situated in Central America.. Read more about how do i write about my garden and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an essay for my garden?

You can write an essay for your garden by first deciding on what you want to say about it. Then, you should think of a topic sentence that will introduce the rest of the essay and its body paragraphs. The last paragraph should be a summary of what you have written in the body paragraphs.

How do you describe a garden?

A garden is a place where plants are grown for their flowers, fruit, or vegetables.

How do I introduce my garden?

You can introduce your garden by planting flowers, trees, and shrubs.

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