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If you want to read about the life of my mother, here’s an essay about my mother. But do not just read this; fill in the missing parts, so that your personal essay is complete.

Koul is the best teacher ever. She is very sweet and cares for everyone. She is very supportive, kind, and thoughtful. She always makes sure that she is looking after every students. She is very sensitive and always helps the students in any kind of problem.

My mother is my mother, a kind of mother, a caring mother, a mother loved by all, a mother who is always at home in my heart, a mother who is always there for me, a mother who is always ready to do anything for me. I wish I had a mother like these.. Read more about write a meaningful paragraph about your mother with the help of following words and let us know what you think.



Every kid is born, fed, and cared for by his or her mother. A mother is constantly there to protect her kid, like a shield. Her children have a particular place in her heart. She never forgets her child’s errors, no matter how many they make.

It is true that a mother may play any part, but no one is capable of playing her role. It is not true that only humans experience motherhood.


If we encounter any other animals or birds, the maternal instinct is the same for everyone, regardless of their ability to communicate.

The Mother-Child Bond

1625963114_216_Essay-On-My-Mother-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The connection between a mother and her kid lasts nine months longer than that of other family members. She begins to love her kid without even realizing it. Only she used to sense the presence of her adored kid before the birth of the child.

A mother’s love for her children does not diminish with the number of children she has. She always shows everyone the same amount of affection.

Sometimes the kid acts arrogant and attempts to deceive her; she sometimes appears to be fooled, but this is not the case; she always knows what her children are up to.

Mother’s Importance

Essay-On-My-Mother-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyIt is true that God cannot be everywhere at the same time, therefore he made the mother. A mother is constantly there to shield her kid from harm. No one will ever be able to take her place.


She instills in her students the importance of following the road of truth and honesty.

My Maternal Grandmother        

1625965929_764_Essay-On-My-Mother-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyAarti is the name of my mum. She is a stay-at-home mom. Yes, she is the one that transforms our house into a beautiful home.

With the first glimmer of sunshine, my mother awakens. For my and my father’s breakfast preparation. She prepares delectable meals that no one can match in flavor. My mum has a spiritual side to her. Her daily pooja consists of reciting several mantras, Chalisa, and Aarti.

Although we have a washing machine at home, my mother prefers to wash her daily wear items by hand. He performs all of the housework by himself.

She arrives at school to fetch me up. I am extremely excited whenever she comes to school. She brought me some delectable nibbles and chocolates.

The fenugreek recipe is my mother’s favorite. I once prepared a fenugreek meal for her, and she loved it. After we complete our meal, my father, mother, and I go for a little night stroll.

Mother tells everything about the day I and father went outdoors over there. She has made many sacrifices in order to help me.

I once expressed my desire for a smartphone. But my father refuses, so my mother saves and builds it for me.


I am very fortunate to have a mother like my mum. She is the most wonderful mother in the planet. In every life, I want to have the same mother. Mummy, I adore you.

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My mother is my life. She is the only person who is always with me. She cooks, cleans, teaches me the right things and makes me sleep. I don’t even know how to walk without her, or talk without her. I am happy that my mother is my only sibling. I always have been.. Read more about short essay on mother and let us know what you think.

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