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My sister is a very smart girl, but she doesn’t always understand what I’m saying. She has a lot of trouble with reading and writing. I want her to be able to read and write better so that she can do more things in life.

The essay on my dear sister is an essay written by a student to their sister. It is meant to be read by students in easy words.



God’s most beautiful gift is a sister. It is believed that a sister, no matter how little or large, must be present. You receive a counselor if you have an older sister, and a nice friend if you have a younger sister. We’re going to inform you about my beloved sister today in this essay.

Payal is a naughty girl.

Essay-On-My-Sister-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211I also have a lovely, lively, and mischievous younger sister who is constantly up to trouble. Payal is her formal name, but everyone affectionately refers to her as jaadu. She is two years younger than me and is now in eighth grade. She is an excellent reader and does well in school.


At home, she talks a lot and keeps everyone occupied with her chatter. She is always happy, and she laughs and smiles a lot. She seems extremely adorable when she is angry or obstinate about little issues.

Her Interests

1625965789_542_Essay-On-My-Sister-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Payal enjoys reading and riding. She also enjoys dancing and writing poetry. She sometimes spends her spare time reading books, watching music channels on television, and dancing all day.

She also does dancing at her school’s events. She often urges our father to bring her some excellent inspirational books to read. Payal is an excellent dancer who has won many awards at school for her dancing performances.

Her Compassionate Nature

1625965790_879_Essay-On-My-Sister-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Payal is extremely helpful; she assists everyone, whether at home to assist our mother with domestic chores or at school to assist her classmates with their schoolwork. She constantly tells me what’s going on in her life and tells me everything.

She is always there for me when I am in need. We go shopping together and she speaks to me like a buddy. She is my best buddy, with whom I can freely discuss everything.


It always motivates me to complete my tasks. She also assists me with my projects and job.

Payal is someone I adore.


Set of everyday activities for a cartoon female. The female character gets up, stretches, brushes her teeth, does gymnastics, goes to the bathroom, dresses up, has breakfast, and plays with her cat and cube toy. Illustration of a child’s daily routine

 Payal is the sweetheart of everyone in our home, and since she is the youngest, my family fulfills all of her requests. When she is furious, she scolds me like an older sister and even persuades me.

Her temper outbursts never stop, yet her acts here set her apart. She is unlike anybody else, and she is really loving.

Payal is a lovely lady.

Payal is breathtakingly gorgeous, much more so than I am. She resembles my father. She is tall, with light complexion, large eyes, short hair, and a beautiful dimpled grin. Payal is often complimented on her appearance.

Have a Good Time Together


 My sister is the nicest person I know. We have a great time together. We always go for a ride in our spare time since I have a scooty. Despite the fact that it is my scooter, she is the only one that drives it.

Whenever we are hungry, we take a trip to get gol gappas or pizza. We have a fantastic friendship.


Payal is someone I always want to see happy in her life. She must have all of the world’s happiness. I always pray to God for her health and prosperity. My jaadu is one of my favorite things in the world.


My sister is my best friend. She has always been there for me, and I have always been there for her. We are very close, so it’s hard to imagine life without her in it. Reference: my relationship with my sister essay.

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