Essay On Natural Resources In Simple English For Students & Children

There are many natural resources in the world. They are very important for people to have a good life. For example, food is a natural resource that helps people live and grow.

The essay on natural resources 150 words is a short essay that discusses the importance of natural resources.


Natural Resources should be defined.


Natural resources are those that have been given to us by God. It is not necessary for man to labor in order to get these resources. Water, air, sunshine, timber, minerals, and natural gases are some of the resources. While some resources are plentiful, others require effort to develop and are not accessible for free.


Natural resource classifications


Natural resources are divided into two categories, as follows:

Renewable Natural Resources

Natural resources that can be naturally regenerated and reused are referred to as renewable natural resources. This includes water, solar energy, wood, biomass, air, and soil. While many of these resources, such as water, air, and sunshine, are readily renewable, natural resources, such as wood and soil, require time to regenerate. Organic and non-organic renewable resources are divided into two categories.

Resources that aren’t renewable

These are resources that cannot be recycled or regenerated, and forming them again takes time. Non-renewable natural resources include coal, oil, minerals, and natural gas. Organic natural resources are non-renewable natural resources obtained from living organisms. Fossil fuels are a good illustration of this.

Natural Resource Applications


Natural resources are very beneficial to all living creatures on the planet. These factors make it simpler and more pleasant to depart. Here are a few examples of how natural resources are used.



Solar energy is a resource that is abundantly accessible. These produce solar energy, which may be utilized in a variety of ways thanks to the solar panel installed on the roof of the home.



Wind energy is created by blowing air. Windmills are used to produce electricity. It’s used for a variety of things, including grinding grains and pumping water.




There is no life in this planet without water. The electric power is generated using water. It is also used for a variety of cleaning chores, as well as cooking.



Minerals are utilized to make a variety of things that we use on a daily basis. Minerals are used to make wires, aluminum cans, and car components, among other things. Jewelry is made from precious metals like gold and silver.

Gases from the earth


These are utilized in the production of electricity. These gases are used in the kitchen.



Coal is utilized in the production of energy as well as for cooking.



Wood, fruits, and vegetables are just a few of the natural resources provided by plants. While fruits and vegetables are necessary for the survival of all living things, wood is used to make furniture, paper, and other goods.



Natural resources are also provided by animals. They supply milk for curd, cheese, butter, and a variety of other dairy products. Animal fur and skin are also utilized to make a variety of clothes and other necessities. Woolen sweaters and hats, leather belts and purses, silk saris, and bed linens are just a few of the products produced using animal-derived natural resources. Because animals must be preserved in order to protect natural resources for future generations.

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The essay on natural resources 100 words is a short essay that provides students and children with a basic understanding of the important role that natural resources play in our everyday lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is natural resources in simple English?

Natural resources are things that come from nature, such as trees, water, and rocks.

What are natural resources short note?

Natural resources are a type of asset that is used to produce goods and services.

Why do we need natural resources essay?

We need natural resources for many reasons. They are needed to sustain life and to grow food, they are used in construction materials, and they help provide energy for our homes.

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