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Obeying is the act of following orders or instructions. It can be done in a variety of ways, but it always has the same result. This essay will discuss how students should obey their teachers and what the benefits are for doing so.

The 500 word essay on obedience is a short essay about the importance of obeying authority. It was written by a student who wanted to help his peers understand why it is important to obey authority figures.



Obedience entails cheerfully following instructions. One element of dedication is this. This is not the same as the inclination of slavery, which is characterized by a state of agitation.

It is unethical to disobey the elders. Every boy and girl has the responsibility to gladly follow their parents, instructors, and elders. If they fail to do so, they are seen as having faults or being arrogant.


Respect the Thoughts of Your Elders


It is not the responsibility of youngsters to question the beliefs of adults who are confident in their beliefs. Children should constantly remember that their world experience and knowledge is limited in comparison to that of older people. Our parents, grandparents, and instructors, for example, are older and have greater information.

They have spent more time in this world than youngsters, and they have seen and comprehended more of it, allowing them to think more profoundly. As a result, youngsters should not disregard what their elders tell them.

Even if older people make errors, they must listen to them and continue to follow them since most of their actions are correct, and youngsters do not have a strong knowledge of right and wrong.

The Importance of Obedience in Society

1625964495_952_Essay-On-Status-Of-Women-In-India-For-Students-InObedience helps to keep society together. As a result, it may be described as a strong social connection or foundation. Society cannot function even for a day without obedience. Laws are government directives that reflect the majority will of the state in an autonomous nation.


All inhabitants of the state have a responsibility to obey the laws enacted by their representatives in the country’s legislature. If people begin to violate the laws, the nation will descend into anarchy.

The Importance of Obedience in Family Happiness

1625963937_771_Essay-On-Wisdom-Of-The-Head-And-Wisdom-Of-TheParents’ compliance is crucial to their children’s excellent behavior. Happiness and tranquility are lost in a household when children do not follow their parents, and there is constant strife.

What do you think will happen if youngsters start defying their parents’ orders? This may lead to family disintegration. As a result, every parent should begin teaching their children proper obedience manners as early as infancy.

Only your younger ones will obey you if you follow your elders.

The one who has never obeyed the orders of his elders, how will he get respect from his younger ones, the soldier who has always obeyed the orders of his officers as a minor soldier, later becomes a good commander and his soldiers are glad to obey his orders. The same thing applies to everyone’s life.


Every decent citizen of the nation will grow up as an obedient kid. He will teach his children the lessons of discipline and obedience over the course of a few years, so that they grow up to be good citizens of the nation.

We will get the knowledge to make our own choices as we grow older and our experiences develop. In every circumstance, we should always follow the elders’ orders. Herein lies the family’s, society’s, and country’s well-being.


The essay on obedience for class 6 is a piece of writing that discusses the importance of obedience in students. This essay has been written in easy words so that anyone can understand it.

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