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Howdy everyone! I’m glad you came to my blog! I will be teaching you something very interesting about Republic Day. You must know that Republic Day is very important for every Indian people. India’s independence was started on this day. It is celebrated as Republic Day in every state and it is also celebrated as Teachers Day in every state. And it is also celebrated as Youth Day in every state. This day is celebrated with great joy by all the people of India.

On the occasion of the Republic Day, I would like to write an essay on the topic of Freedom for class 4 students. Republic Day is an important national holiday of India. It is celebrated on 26 January, every year. On this day India got its freedom from the British rule. Different time zones across the world observe this date. In some countries the people celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. In India the same day is observed as a day for unity and patriotism. Many people join the army on this day. The day is also observed by many people of the world. The United Nations also observed this day. On this day India got her independence from the British rule. The people of India have been celebrating India’s independence since independence. The day

Republic Day is the day when India celebrates the memories of the Indian Independence Movement. On this day, all the students of the 60 crore population of India come together in the streets and celebrate the popular movement that changed the political structure of the country. Today, we are all celebrating the freedom from British rule.. Read more about republic day essay in english 100 words and let us know what you think.



The Republic Day is India’s national holiday. The momentous day on which the Indian constitution came into effect, replacing the Government of India Act 1935, was January 26, 1950. In addition, on the banks of the Ravi River in 1930, those fighting for purna swaraj (full independence) made a vow for it.

A Democratic Nation

Essay-On-Republic-Day-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyEvery citizen observes the day with reverence and dedication. The declaration of India as a democratic, independent, secular, socialist nation on this historic day gave ordinary people the right to select their own government.


Inception of the Constitution

1625965125_802_Essay-On-Republic-Day-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyOn the 28th of August 1947, after the country’s independence, a conference was held. The purpose of the meeting was to settle on a permanent structure for India as well as to select a drafting committee. The renowned Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar was announced as the head of the drafting committee.

Baba Saheb successfully presented the Indian constitution to the parliament on November 4, 1947. The constitution was approved on November 26, 1949, and went into effect on January 26, 1950.

The Day’s Celebration

1625965126_346_Essay-On-Republic-Day-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyThe republic day is commemorated in the Rajpath Bhavan in Delhi, as well as at all of the city’s schools and colleges, and several housing societies. In Delhi, an unique festival is taking place.


The flag is flown by India’s Prime Minister. Along with the president of India, several renowned ministers and leaders are always present. The location hosts a variety of activities. The Indian army, together with the navy and air force, performs the parade and participates in different events.

There are also numerous cultural programs on the day of the celebration. The patriotic song is performed by a group of singers. We observe a lot of folk dancing, theater, and other activities there. The president and prime minister of India give a motivating address.

We are reminded of great leaders who have given their lives for India’s independence, and we applaud Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar for successfully submitting the constitution. On our television stations in Delhi, we may simply watch the live show.

In Schools, Colleges, And Societies, There Will Be A Celebration

1625965126_755_Essay-On-Republic-Day-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyIn schools and universities, the event is commemorated with great fanfare. The pupils are summoned in their immaculate uniforms, with the exception of those who are participating in a dance or theatrical performance.

The head or trustee of the institution performs the flag hoisting ceremony. Everyone sings our national song once the flag is raised. The principal or main guest delivers the kids a motivating message. A parade, patriotic song, dance, theater, and other events are also held to commemorate the occasion.

The day for the yearly award giving is chosen by several institutions. If this is the case, the award is distributed by the main guest, and the candies and chocolates are sent home with the youngsters.

The role is carried out in hosing societies in the same way as it is in schools and universities.


The day is marked by a lot of love and respect among Indians. People have pledged to fulfill their responsibilities for the motherland, India, once again.

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Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January and is a part of the government’s efforts to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in the people. The day is also a chance to remember the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters. The Republic Day is also a day to remember all the contributions of the people who have served the nation, both at home and abroad.. Read more about long essay on republic day in english and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is republic day in simple words?

Republic day is the national holiday of India. It is celebrated on 26 January every year.

How do you write a republic day essay?

The Republic Day is celebrated on the 26th of January every year. It is a day to commemorate the adoption of the constitution in 1950 and to celebrate Indias freedom from British rule.

Why do we celebrate republic day for Class 4?

Republic Day is celebrated on the 26th of January every year. It marks the day when India became a republic and it was declared as such by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who was also known as Babasaheb.

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